Patriotic Holidays

Wednesday, July 1st was Canada Day and Mike’s dad sent Virginia a cute maple leaf dress…

Among the birch trees

Among the birch trees

It was a little big on her but obviously still warranted many photographs. Later that day, we received a visit from Kim Owens (Mrs. Graham Smith) which was awesome. She made us delicious grilled mozzarella, tomato, basil sandwiches before she had to leave us to go to work. Then I was going to do some errands but I realized it was time for Ted’s radio show, Gay Beach, and he wanted me to call in at 3:15. I did my ‘Wednesday stock tip’ – a bullshit thing I write where I front like I know finance. I also kinda insulted classic Canadian characteristics, which I then felt sorry about- which is, in itself, a classically Canadian reaction.

A few days later it was Independence Day and the widget did NOT have a special patriotic outfit planned so we decided to just dress alike in somber ‘Never Forget’ gray.

In Long Island City

In Long Island City

Mike, Virginia and I took a long walk to Long Island City to see Graham play a show at a bar over there. I had some nachos / no big whoop. Then our friend Billy showed up unexpectedly which was a most excellent surprise.

He was wearing a giant hot dog hat and a hamburger shirt, while his friend Beth wore a blue dress with red shoes – all very patriotic indeed.

People kept asking him about the hot dog eating contest in Coney Island, as if the hat indicated he was a judge or contestant or other expert on the subject. He *is* a professional ‘culture blogger’ though so he was aware of who won and how many dogs they consumed so at least the public was not disappointed.

We watched the sky change all types of nice colors, then our childless pals biked off to bar-b-que hop around Greenpoint, and Mike and I pushed V’s chariot back to Sunnyside. It was a bit of a bummer that the fireworks decided to be on the west side this year – but, you know – fireworks; it’s not like they really improve upon the general formula. I think we’ll survive until next year.


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