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I suck at blogging now

It’s true! 

I used to “go H.A.M.” on the blog scene when I was 17-25 but that was like 2 years ago now! yuk yuk yuk. 

Anyway, what can I say- the children continue to thrive. Virginia has been biting her nails – fingers AND TOES, people, despite our telling her that this is totally gross. Graham tries to eat even weirder things than toenails (shampoo, baby powder, the couch) but he is a baby so he merely gets laughed at while being told “NO!” in an apparently very unconvincing way. 

Virginia has started UPK which is kind of like school, but more like the government’s way to send home a million depressing forms to your house to gauge whether you know how to feed, clothe and keep your child clean and off lead paint chips. I sound glib, but it’s really sad that for some kids, the city is the only thing attempting to look out for their well-being. It reminds me of something Anthony Kiedis once said …

Anyhoo, it certainly presents opportunities for daily sartorial expression and here are some of those recent expressions…ImageImageImage

For lunch she gets either a “butter sandwich” and dried apricots and a vegan marshmallow or two, or a sunbutter & jelly  with a side of cucumber slices and sea salt. They serve lunch at her school but she is so terrified of accidental meat consumption that she just brings her own stuff. 




Young Graham generally has a filthiness about the face, especially in fall, when snot abounds, but he is just so damn cute and jolly that it’s hard to find fault in his filth. He can kind of say “boat” and boats are one of his favorite things. His other favorite things are every type of aircraft. He likes to point out all planes by shouting “laLA!” at the sky, louder and louder until you acknowledge him and the plane in question. He also likes to drink the bath water and throw things in the garbage. Nicknames include “Grammers” (classic) “Gwammuhs” (variation on Grammers) “The Garbageman”  “Littleman” (sometimes pronounced “Littelmin” as if it is a surname), “Marshmallow with Legs” and “MY SON!!!” (this one is just used by me)