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So cute!

Vintage Rhumba Ruffle Dress, Size 12 Months, $20

Alright… daddy’s out with his boyfriends so I am up late* trolling the internet. I found this. Painfully cute, and sadly, too small for V. Anyone??

* 10pm! decadent!


Amazing or UNmazing?

Sometimes things are kinda on the borderline of cute. Maybe the 400 piece puzzle below is a good example.


In looking for “best toys for a nine year old” (my niece Emma) I found this puzzle and thought, “Wow! That’s rad! Animals, having a nap.” Mike didn’t seem impressed at all. I mean, yes- it’s sort of hideous…but also… good?

I did it!

I have wanted to get the baby this ‘skull cave’ forEVER! She is really into climbing under side tables or under her daddy or into a Container Store bag… and all the tents and teepees I see in American stores are ugly-buggly! Not so, the swedish skull cave!

And so today, with a gift card I generously received as a result of a favor I did someone the other weekend, the skull cave is on its way!! Hooray!


Virginia’s favorite thing besides her grammy is her grey flannel pillow. It’s a pretty nice pillow and all, but not as cute as these…

Marionette Pillows by Ferm Living, $40 each

It’s like… kinda hard to get in?… but I know the drawer guys.

Virginia has figured out how to open drawers which is super great except that our drawers- well my bedside one anyway- is filled with those small plastic bags of extra buttons that come with new clothes, chapstick, hair elastics, bobby pins and maybe even some “less-mentionables”, k?

For Mike’s side we took his Han Solo and army dude dollies and sat them down on the nightstand. V was extremely intimidated at first, staying back a few feet while staring at the guys, wide-eyed, then checking in with daddy to make sure he knew about this. Look at guys, look at daddy, look at guys, look at daddy, look at mommy, look at guys. She made her approach and with one outstretched finger, touched the furry trim of Han Solo’s hood. He moved; she retreated – cowered into the duvet by daddy’s legs. For days just having the ‘drawer guys’ there discouraged her from messing with the drawers. But like any fake security system (here’s looking at you, SCARECROWS), the limitations are soon revealed.

Now she just pushes the dudes aside or pulls at their clothes and accessories and shouts at them, like a true VIP.


Last week Virginia was going through her morning vocal exercises in her crib while Mike and I clung to the last tendrils of pseudo-sleep in our nest. When Mike finally went into her room to get her up and dressed, he was surprised to find such a liberated baby.

“Oh babe… I think you better come in here.”
“Wait- why? Is it bad?”
“Um. It’s interesting.”

There was the little bulu, standing and smiling, naked as a jaybird- soaked G-diaper tossed into the middle of her room along with sandwich cat and her pillow. Thankfully that was the worst of it- the young elfkin just wanted to feel the breeze on her wee bum and it must have been a fairly recent development because her sheets were dry.

A few days later however, daddy put her down in just a G-diaper and again she freed herself from it- this time producing a halo of urine around her cherubic form. Oops! We used the steam shark on the mattress and let it dry out for a few hours while we dressed the nug up in silly outfits and took pictures.