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I’m into it


Keeping my eye on this 50s maternity dress on eBay….


Who are you?

Tomorrow we *might* find out the sex of our baby in the sonogram. I say maybe because my doctor’s machine seems pretty 3rd world so unless the creature is giving a FREE SHOW, it’s unlikely it’ll look like anything other than one of those blurry “UFO sighting” photos. But if not tomorrow, then soon. I’m having the ‘anatomy sonogram’ performed at the hospital at 5 months and they can definitely give you an answer then. Eek!! Trucks and dinosaurs or bunnies and bows? (Let it be known that I am cool with boys who dig bunnies and girls that love dump trucks (and taking dumps. I mean, who doesn’t?))

I am feeling really good! So much so that I’m eager to see the babe tomorrow to confirm I am indeed still pregnant. My mom got me one of those j-shaped full-body maternity pillows and it’s AWESOME. I use it in its conventional fashion as well as some unconventional “remixes.” The dog is a huge fan of it, primarily using it as a “chin rest” but also occasionally wedging herself between it and my shoulder. Mike was initially skeptical (jealous) about letting it into our bed, reminding me that I still had to “hug a hus” too- but he tried it out and agreed it’s pretty sensational.

I’m 16 weeks now – and while I’m not really showing yet, I thought I would take advantage of these awesome post-Christmas sales and buy some maternity dresses. (Okay. They’re not maternity dresses at all. They’re just A.P.C. dresses in a size large that are amazing and basically tent-style and thus should fit me so a few months)

I will post pictures of them with my neeeewwwww camera soon!

Chillin’ in Part 2

Here we see the nugget at 12 weeks. Cruisin’ past 14 now and feeling good.

Sleep though? Borked.
I used to be one of those people that went to bed at NIGHT and woke up in the MORNING. That was IT. Now I wake up for no reason 5-10 times a night. Most of the time I just flip over and fall back (no more sleeping on my stomach though) but sometimes its not so easy- my thoughts are racing about irrelevant stuff. Last night I was pretending I found out I was having triplets and getting myself in a state about how on EARTH I was going to deal. Where would I move? Alabama? Would I have to sell one or two of them on the bulletin board at work or craigslist? So many useless thoughts while I stared at my sleeping husband and sleeping sausage dog. Sheesh. At least it’s Friday.

I asked my mom for one of those huge full-body maternity pillows for Christmas so maybe that will help me snooze. (It has zero sex appeal so its sleep-aiding benefits may be two-fold?)

Okay! Back to these Clifton Chenier tunes…

From Jelena….


The fetus who partied

To celebrate our entrance into the second trimester the baby and I shared a glass of wine and shot a gun. That’s okay, right?

Earlier in the day, my mom came and met me at the doc for my second ultrasound and this one was so much more exciting than the first! I had read that at this stage your baby will respond to abdominal pressure but that when it does, you won’t be able to feel it — tree falls in the forest-style. However, when the thing exerting the pressure is a goo-covered camera wand you can totally spy on creature movements! As soon as the baby became visible on the screen it was obvious it was partying. He/she was lying on the floor of the sac moving its arms and legs in a bicycle motion and when it noticed we were all staring and chuckling, quickly rolled over to face the screen. Head-on, it don’t look like that much – a big head with a ‘casper the friendly ghost’ body, but that’s when the doc chose to freeze the frame and print the picture.

The doc also asked when my genetic tests were going down and I said that I cancelled them. The more I read about them online, the more I realized how unlikely a candidate I was and how creepy they made me feel. Maybe if I was over 35/ had pounded some Accutane recently / been subjected to Gamma rays / was related to my husband, I would reconsider. Anyway, the doc seemed a bit offended as I seemed to imply it was an insurance scam, stating that, “It IS real science.”

Seeing my baby on screen, throwing down, is all the science I really need at this point in my life so the hospital dudes will just have to find another frantic wreck to poke and prod.