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Happy Birthday, Grammers! Happy Mother’s Day, me! (and you! and you! and you!)

Hi All!

Can you believe Baby Graham is one?? No opinion? Well he is one, believe it! He did a really good job mashing his birthday carob cake into his face (no pictures of that yet– I have decided to go back to old school FILM CAMERA styles for a large portion of my photography now) and even took his first unassisted step on May 7th. Now he’ll be able to run off that belly. (sorry to body shame, baby Graham) Grammers also had his one year check-up at the pediatrician – he is 31″ tall, weighs over 24lbs and has good hemoglobin! None of this results in his sleeping through the damn night, however. His daddy is running out of expletives to use between the hours of 12 and 6am- the situation is dire!

Update: Okay- since wordpress wasn’t allowing me to add pictures, etc this entry has been sitting dormant for over a week. We took our pediatrician’s advice and comforted Graham in the night with pats on the butt only (we were forbidden to take him out of the crib) and after 2 nights- wow! What a difference!! Now he either sleeps through the night completely or wakes up one or two times but is quickly settled back down by laying him back down on his pillow and patting his bum for 10 seconds. Remarkable!
And lastly, above you’ll find a picture of me, at 1, with my mama, in Vancouver, during her self-described “Gloria Steinem phase” – Happy late Mother’s Day!!!


Turkish Meatballs

So we’re lying in bed the other night…


Virginia: Mom…what are meatballs made out of?

Mom: Um..usually cow meat. But sometimes people will make them with turkey meat.

Virginia: That’s a bird, right?

Mom: (laughs) Yeah-

Virginia: It’s also a country. 

Mom: Yes. But that’s not what they make meatballs out of.