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It’s funny with baby nicknames- how they form and evolve. Before the baby was before I often referred to her as The Nugget and The Widget. Once she was born these were immediately shortened to “nuggie” and “widgie” and with time underwent further modifications creating such appellations as: nuggetine (Jean Georges ref, yo), Widge, Widgerd, Nuggybear, Widgeridoo, (s)Nugglebird, and The Nug Bug (or just simply ‘The Bug’). It’s interesting too to see which ones resonate with whom. Mike was pretty keen on Nugglebird/Snugglebird, while ‘The Nug Bug’ really caught on with my mom.

When we moved on to nicknames 2.0 (Boobaloo) it quickly expanded to include: Boobaloo shoes, boodaboo, Boogaloo, Bugaloo (from Sid & Marty Krofft’s show of the same name) and resting most popularly on: ‘Bulu’ (me) and ‘Boobles’ (Mike).

I will say that we DO actually call her by her real name with enough frequency that she actually recognizes it and will turn around when called. Many times during her thrice-daily dining experiences I can be heard repeating “Virginia Grey, look at me” or “Miss Virginia! Open your mouth please.”

She is just too cute for one nickname- what can I say?

Nothing more, clearly. Wait- how about some facts…

At her 6 month check-up the bug weighed 21.1 lbs, measured 28.5 inches and was given the okay to start yogurt, water, and juice! She also got two ow-ees in one leg and one ow-ee (H1N1) in the other.

I had originally thought I was not going to do the swine flu vaccine but my doc persuaded me- as I had not factored in the international air travel we would be doing. He said he had not seen any negative reactions to the vaccine but that he HAD seen swine flu in kids and wouldn’t recommend it. So I relented. As with everything, she took it like a pro. No adverse reactions to any of her shots other than some mild muscle soreness 2 days later.

Okay- now you’re almost all caught up. I will try and be more regular with updates now that the “holidays” (of which I celebrate exactly ONE) are over!


Happy Holidays

The nug bug wishes you a very green Christmas and a Happy New Year!


Virginia’s got a whole routine now.

Still no teeth though.

Knock ’em back

Is it bad to admit that I think this product sounds amazing?

Litmus strips to see if your newly ready-to-party self is still ready-to-nurse when the party is over.

Milkscreen is…

  • Quick and easy to use
  • Pediatrician & Lactation Consultant recommended
  • Helps avoid “pumping and dumping”
  • Available here.

    Calling all Virginias

    What are the chances?

    Macy’s is doing this promo today in conjunction with that CBS children’s holiday thing, ‘Yes, Virginia.’ All girls named Virginia can come in to receive a $10 gift card.

    I may try to swing by but, well, I don’t carry her birth certificate around and it’s negative 3 million degrees out.

    Remind me…

    never to take fertility drugs.

    Whitney Bros. Double Double-Decker Crib


    Nope, it’s not a typo. It’s two Double-Decker Cribs side by side. You get four cribs in all. Each features wooden rails that slide up and down in a groove, as well as a metal latch to lock the rails in place. Purchase the optional crib drawers for extra storage space under the cribs.

  • Space-saving
  • Four sleeping areas for infants, each with 3″ thick vinyl-covered foam mattresses
  • Wooden rails that slide up and down in a groove
  • Metal latch to lock the rails in place
  • Optional storage drawers attach beneath cribs
  • Optional storage drawers are constructed of birch wood with high quality drawer slides
  • Optional storage drawers are ready-to-assemble
  • Double Double-Decker Crib dimensions: 71″ H x 76″ W x 26″ D
  • This Crib is approved for use in the United States.
  • It’s kinda cute? But it’s also very Pound Puppies.

    Give, baby, give!

    Anybody that has a baby knows about the maelstrom of shit – literal and figurative that comes with baby ownership. I can’t tell you what to do with the former (um. get rid of it. quickly?) but the latter, aka the bouncy seats, car seats, umbrella strollers and never ending parade of clothes, jackets, booties, shoes, and snowsuits… well you should drop them off at Baby Buggy so they can live again, on another baby!

    Baby Buggy is a non-profit founded in 2001 by Jessica Seinfeld (Jerry’s wife) and has delivered over 3.5 million baby items to families in need through over 50 qualified social service partners. They’ve got a great volunteer network and accept donations at their loft in midtown. Check out the list of items they accept to make sure what you’ve got qualifies.

    Then, arrange a drop off!

    From their site:
    We are located at 306 West 37th Street between 8th and 9th Avenue on the 8th Floor. You can come to our loft or we can meet you downstairs at our freight entrance on 37th Street. We are here Monday through Friday, 9 a.m. to 5 p.m.
    If you are interested in dropping off, we ask that you call us at 212-736-1777 to schedule an appointment. Since we are a small staff, we want to make sure there is someone here to assist you.

    So there you go! A place for your … you know.