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Link of the day!

My friend Molly sent me a link to this shop in Switzerland that sells vintage clothes (1950s-80) for babies and kids (7 and under)

I’m in love!


Ask me about my inferior vena cava!

Mike and I spent Friday, Saturday and Sunday undergoing intense childbirth ed overload, courtesy of Roosevelt Hospital’s ‘Intro to the Birthing Center’ & ‘Early Discharge from the Birthing Center’ classes and Realbirth’s ‘Comprehensive Childbirth Education’ classes. Now we’re totally ready for back labor, 4th degree perineal tears, giving birth to a goat’s head, etc.

For serious though, we learned a lot about things we knew we didn’t want anyway- did you know that if a woman gets an epidural before she’s 5cm dilated there is a 75% chance she’ll end up having a c-section??? That’s insane! And that 1 in 10 women that get an epidural end up with a ‘spinal headache’ which is basically where you’re painfully leaking spinal fluid away from your brain? Your brain literally sags in your skull and you have to go in for a patch to correct it. Way cool.

Also interesting– Brazil has a 97 or 98% c-section rate. They just don’t believe in vaginas over there! Which seems weird since there are so many total babes there- you think they’d be all over vaginas – during birth and otherwise. However, like anytime something is so overwhelmingly prevalent in an area, a backlash emerges. We watched this one video of Brazilian women giving birth in the squatting position and they made it look so easy. No face-wringing, huffing & puffing, wailing, or hysteria- just a woman, squatting while holding onto a bar, letting gravity do its thing. Once the heads crowned, the rest of the baby would literally fall out (not far, obviously) and start wiggling. It was amazing.

Ah jeez, what else? Mike perfected some massage techniques on me and we learned about various accupressure points that will stimulate oxytocin. Nice! I don’t really have to worry about getting Pitocin since I’m in the birthing center and there are no drugs there- but if I wasn’t? Well I am thoroughly grossed out to learn that it’s pig-based. I wonder if all the Muslims and Jews they administer it to are made aware of that fact. Probably not. I can’t imagine they’d want the best day of their lives to be the result of a synthesized pig boner.

Anyway! Feeling pretty good– starting to have some sciatic pain and there is a general slowness to my movements but nothing too major. The little wiggler is really thumping up a storm in there and sometimes that makes me groan… but again, in a good way. Just counting down the days now, looking forward to my baby showers, and ultimately the emergence of my wiggler.

Product of the Day!

Viking Ship mobile from Ittikid

Viking Ship mobile from Ittikid

I dig nautical things so this mobile is right up my alley. Designed in Denmark and available at Ittikid.

Cortney & Jack had their baby today!

My friend Skippy- er… Jack and his wife Cortney had their little girl today! She was frank breech and was thus delivered by c-section at NYU.
Check out little Griffin! (Griffin was/is actually one of my fave boy names but apparently works well on wee girls too) Mega-large congrats to the McFadden fam on their tiny one’s debut.

Product of the day!

Like this bunny lamp wouldn’t have been cute enough on its own… now it has glasses!
I love!

Egmont rabbit lamp at Little Fashion Gallery

Egmont rabbit lamp at Little Fashion Gallery

Another bun, another oven

Today a friend told me that she is also pregnant. I wanted to scream with joy but we were surrounded by people who don’t know just yet so I just squeezed her arm and told her that was SO. FRIGGIN. GREAT. She is going to be an awesome mom and I can’t wait till we can have some alone time together to have maximum pregnancy chats.

The Science of Being a Chump

Ignoring a pregnant woman on a New York City subway train is a special art. There are the people who don’t notice/ are afraid of wrongly presuming a woman is pregnant. There are the people who notice but pretend they don’t and wear this frozen rictus of pain where you can literally hear the cogs of their mind churning, alternating “guilt” / “rationalization” / “guilt”/ “rationalization”…
Then of course there are the people that fully see you and just don’t care. At least they’re honest!

Divided demographically from BEST to WORST, with regards to abdicating their seats are:

1. Eastern euro women
2. Hispanic guys
3. (DISTANT THIRD, mind you) White women* / black men & women
4. White men
5. Chinese people of both genders (not only has a Chinese person NEVER gotten up for me but they have actually pushed me out of the way to get to a newly available seat)

When I am with my husband, people are more slightly more likely to give me a seat because there is a second set of SHAME EYES on them- but when I am travelling with my mother there is no change in likelihood.

*White women are far more likely to do the faking-like-they-didn’t-see-you stuff, making them particularly aggravating. Especially since all of them have the combined acting ability of like… one Cameron Diaz.

Now you know!