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My heart is a chocolate nonpareil….

I just got an email from Nanny Joanie that said the following:

Also we passed a flower store and V goes “Can we stop and look at these?”

I said sure and she gazed at them for a while and looked sorta serious. I said what’s up and she goes,

“Well, but, I just wish my Mommy could have all of these.”


Dude Helps Like a Lady

I had a dream last night that my water broke and the only person around was Aerosmith’s Steven Tyler, who, while sort of freaked out, did stay with me and attempt to clean up my amniotic fluid with those scarves from his microphone stand.

I looked up and said, “Naw man, we’re gonna need a lot more than that. Like a couple of towels or something.”

True story.

We haven’t talked SHOP in a while…

It’s time for more things, things and things! (A digression: I had been thinking about starting a tumblr called ‘Ain’t No Thing’ where I would post daily about an experience/ sight/ sound/ smell /idea or concept as a way to force myself to consider stuff that can’t be purchased or otherwise consumed – but then I most likely got distracted by snacks or having to check my eBay watchlist or something. We’ll see what happens with that though!)

sailor knot flouncy caracole skirt (6m to 6 years) -made to order - $48

Vintage sweater dress - 3T/4T - $25


Vintage girls dress - 3T/4T - $10!


Love Your Family 8x10 print - $22


Black and brown Oktoberfest plaid jonjon 3/4t - $8

(Guess I gotta start thinking about boys now. Sheesh)

"Gold Birthdates" necklace with 2 Discs on 14k gold filled Rope Chain - $70


Trio of Petite Cinema Bow Hair Pins - $16


1960s Colorblock Turquoise White Cotton Summer Dress, sz 6 - $14



Selective Memory…

This is my second time around – so it’s funny to me the things about pregnancy you will yourself to forget.

I just read the title of a forum post called “So I lost my mucus plug…” and simultaneously laughed and cringed. “Mucus Plugs” are totally a file under: let’s-never-say-those-words-again situation. It’s also an amazing thing to call someone you really don’t like, so I think I will relegate the phrase to that well-worn corner of my brain.

Also- please don’t ever google image search this.


Me: Whoa. Someone is kicking me riiiight in the bladder.
Mike: Ha ha.

Kid update!

So, Virginia likes to weigh herself a lot. She gets on the scale and shouts, “How weigh are me?!” (which is kind of weird since this is one of only a few bad grammatical errors she makes anymore) but she are weighs 33lbs. A few weeks ago she weighed 34lbs though so I guess she must be on a diet. I dunno, we hardly talk anymore, you know?

JK, guys! We talk all the time! Like just last night when she was STILL UP at 11:30pm playing a game with her new foam blocks. She was chucking specific shapes across the room while taking great care to properly place other shapes delicately on top of a cardboard box. “Are you getting rid of all the small ones?”


“The ones that are too big?”

NO! I need the big ones! I am setting up the big ones like *this* and the small ones like *this.* (throws more blocks)

“What’s wrong with THOSE blocks?”


So there you have it.

She is also maybe sorta kinda starting to understand about the forthcoming baby. Tonight in the bath she was using her little watering can to “water the baby” and I told her the baby liked that and she could water him when he comes out. She looked confused so I said that pretty soon he would come out and live in our house and go “wahhhhh” a lot.

WHAT? Are you serious?

“Yes! He’s coming out in about 12 weeks. Before summer!”


“Well he can’t stay in there forever! He has to come out.”

Can he come in the bath?

“Yes. He can come in the bath with us.”

Virginia quotes

Joanie texted me last week to tell me the following quote from V:
“I dropped my lollipop! Oh well.. maybe a rat will eat it. He’ll probably hold it with his foot.”

To me last night:

“I don’t care about babies.”

me: Oh? Why not?

“Because … they’re flat!”

To Joanie today:

“I want to punch all the time.”