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Remember me?

Remember when I used to come on here with some frequency and talk about the children I created?* Well I still have them and they are thriving despite not being discussed on the internet. 

Virginia loves strawberries and hates pants. She has an invented language that sounds like Russian that when employed she refers to as “speaking baby.” Frequently she “speaks baby” to Graham (as it is presumably his mother tongue) and more often than not, he hates it and starts hitting her on the face or attempting to thump her with his legendary “Grammer Hammers” (legs).

In their Halloween finery. William Wallace and Madeline.

In their Halloween finery. William Wallace and Madeline.

Graham is almost 22 months and loves trucks, taxis, trains, and TV. He also loves roaring, hiding under the covers, making unimaginable messes, and staying a baby. I asked Mike via text yesterday to check the size of a particular pair of his sneakers so that I could order a new pair, one size up — and Mike replied that a half size would probably be sufficient as “he doesn’t seem to be growing that much.” I asked “Do you think he is going to stay a baby?” to which Mike replied, “It’d be a good career move.” 


Baby Carrie Bradshaw asks: “In a world of Peter Pans… Can you go BIG by staying SMALL? …”


Things Graham can kindof say:

-Dinosaur Train (“dinor cheen”)

-water (pronounced “l’eau” – like the real suave continental dude he is)

-truck (and train and car and taxi and bus)

-penis (“pen-usss?” Yes, Graham- that is your penis.)


-Virginia (sounds more like “cheen-a” which is tough because that is also how he pronounces ‘train’)

-mama/dada (classic)

-peanut butter



-bye bye

There’s some more… and he understands a bunch – like when we tell him he is a BAD BABY and he needs to not touch the electrical sockets or pour pasta on the floor or bite his nails or eat his boogers, etc….and he just laughs and laughs….

Okay. More later!




*with help.