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Sprout a tooth already, girl!

This baby is KICKING MY ASS. Seriously.

I was totally a cartoon of an overtired mother this morning, all pouring boiling water in the cereal bowl and milk over my International Foods brand instant coffee granules. The baby is now back on some newborn style waking-5-times-a-night tip. I’m sure a lot of it has to do with proximity- we probably wouldn’t be so quick to respond to her every groan and whimper if she weren’t positioned 3mm from each of our ears, and she probably wouldn’t wake up as much if she weren’t nose-deep in the intoxicating aroma of breastmilk.

As soon as she fell asleep last night Mike and I were all over the baby websites, hunting for a crib. The other two parts of our plan involve getting a piece of memory foam custom-sized at Economy Foam, and flannel sheets made by some crafty Etsy type to further simulate our bed. We will also sleep on top of those sheets so they smell sufficiently parental. And no, I’m not worried about the baby smothering herself into the memory foam – just like I am not worried about the drop-side rail on the crib I am about to buy. Why? Because I know how to assemble simple furniture. That, and Virginia is a hulk who can hulk herself out of any situation.

Should the idea of customizing your baby sleep situation appeal to you as well, here are some people that can make it happen for you:

Custom Crib Bedding from Rocky Top Design on Etsy

You can pick your pieces (sheets, bumper, quilt, skirt or all of the above), pick your fabrics, pick which prints go where, pay, and voila- the bedding scenario of your dreams, from the comfort of your own home.

TipToe Design also makes custom bedding sets and quilts (using lots of awesome Amy Butler fabrics)

Quilt, bumper, sheet and skirt from Tip Toe Design

But do they have FLANNEL? Perhaps I could provide some of my own… like the stuff pictured below from

'To the Rescue' $8.98 per yard

Winter Woven Plaid - $7.98 per yard

Celery plaid - $7.98 per yard

DUH. $8.38 per yard

Bear Lake (Walnut) - $8.38 per yard

Lavender Plaid - $7.98 per yard

So many options!

Peep ya later.


Cereal for Dinner

Mike warned me today that we can’t have cereal for dinner TWO nights in a row.

Last night was a busy night. I had two batches of babyfood to make, plus the bug needed a bath and frankly, so did her parents. The baby likes a lot of attention (and usually boobs) immediately following a bath so I can’t take a shower right after, and it’s hard to do right before because she can get fussy while waiting, or else my bangs dry stupid while I am washing her. It also made sense to give Virginia her dinner before her bath. I even let her “go bib-less” since she tugs on her bib the whole time and mashes it into her face anyway. This meant that her neck folds got an unadulterated dose of rice cereal applied to them and made her imminent bath ultra necessary. It was Mike’s turn to host the bath. I helped with the shampooing, and was on drying/diapering/wizard gear duty. She is outgrowing her wizard gear!

Mike immediately transitioned into his shower, while I readied the baby for snuggles on the bathroom floor. Then we moved to the living room for ultimate night time power nurse. When she was whispers away from sleep I brought her back into the bedroom to remove the wizard vestments and put her into something jammy-like. This, of course, woke her back up and she was in a really giggly mood. Mike came in holding a moldy piece of bread, in response to my suggestion that we just have PB & J’s for dinner.

“Fine. Bowls of cereal then.”

I read her Goodnight Moon, pointing out different elements of the room, gave her her sleep rag and a pacifier, kissed her goodnight and left the room. I took my shower, dried my hair, checked on Mike, and could hear the baby still chatting away to herself. I looked in to find her grabbing her feet and trying to eat my pillow. We re-inserted the pacifier a few times, killed the lights and left again. She was finally asleep.

I put the last of the pureed baby vegetables into cubes and loaded them into the freezer. I heated a whole bunch of fake-chicken nuggets and ate them on the couch with Mike. We watched Frontline. I was in bed by 10:30. Mike joined us an hour later. Sigh.

Good sleep though. I have decided not to fight with Virginia in the middle of the night about nighttime feedings. Yes. I know she is “capable” of sleeping through the night but I refuse to Ferberize and can’t be bothered with the ‘No Cry Sleep Solution’ since, from the little I’ve read, it sounds more like the NO SLEEP, ‘WHY IS MOM CRYING?’ SOLUTION. Instead, she wakes up hungry at 3am and 6am and I nurse her. We are both back to sleep in 10-20 minutes. Sure beats the two of us trying to console her for 2 hours in the middle of night until we’re all in terrible moods and I end up just nursing her anyway. It works for me. She is not going to be a baby forever. Soon she’ll be eating pizza and drinking juice and won’t want to wake up to cuddle with mama every 4 hours.

Mustela me softly

I don’t think I’ve mentioned how much I like taking a bath with Virginia, or even helping wash her hair while Mike takes a bath with her. She is just learning how to splash and it’s fun to hold her behind the shoulders, tip her back and let her “float” on her back. She is scared at first and tries to sit up but then she relaxes and realizes we’re not going to let her go. Her remaining baby hairs form a swirling little aura around her head and she smiles as we glide her around the tub.

I love her being a baby.

I had a funny conversation with Gavin from My Dad Homies last night wherein he basically said, “Anything under a year is shit. Everything after one year is an orgasm.”
me: “Aww, I love looking at her tiny legs and biting her face…”
Gavin: “I’m glad you’re able to find some joy in that.”

(His kids are 1+ and 3)

Anyhoooo- I do. I do find joy in it. I’ll be stoked when she walks and talks though. Bring it on.

Jungle Action

Sometimes I see toys for kids today and I get sad because they are usually TV tie-in blobs of plastic or poorly made, overly-complicated gadgets that capture a child’s interest for less than the time it takes to figure out how to operate them. Speak’n’Spell is about as “high tech” as something for a kid needs to get (am I the only one that would try to make it say “S.H.I.T.”?)! That said, there seems to be a whole crop of awesome stuff out there too (Plan Toys, anything sold at Enchanted or Acorn) …and THIS THING:

Wow! I mean, maybe a kid would be like, “this whole thing sucks”, but I know I would have fun making that water bucket go up and down and exploring the “5 levels and foliage too!”

The Tree House play set from Melissa & Doug is available at Target, and if you’re a minisocial member, it’s being offered on there right now for about $107.

Trrbl prnt

Here is the widgie watching TV.

Dear Maclaren,

Thanks for making sure everyone I have known since preschool has informed me about the recall.

I am glad I am not their PR person today. She is probably still soaking in room-temp Calgon this morning, bourbon bottle empty under the sink… crying…

She’s all that

A few days ago the widge learned to roll over from her back to her stomach and now that she doesn’t have to sleep on her back, she doesn’t want to. She instantly flips to her side and then all the way over and howls into the mattress. Doesn’t want the pacifier, doesn’t want to be sung to, read to, hushed, shushed, or flipped over. It’s a little weird to see her cry before sleep so hard after almost 5 months of easy put downs, but once she is out she seems to be getting some quality rest.

Sometimes she wakes herself up after only an hour and howls some more but I am trying to NOT feed her before 5am at the earliest, as it’s important (for both of us) that she learn that daytime is for eating, nighttime is for sleeping. So usually, if she howls at 2 or 3, we just move her into the bed with us, give her her pacifier for a minute and she is OUT. I know, I know, this is probably not the best habit to get into either, but I love sleeping beside her and most of all, I love sleeping.

I think she is getting ready to sprout teeth and that is causing her some amount of pain- she is CONSTANTLY grabbing at anything to put in her mouth. If I put her on the bed for a minute, I turn to find her commiting aggravated assault on a pair of boxer shorts – anytime I hold her a fistful of hair finds its way into her gaping maw. Ditto for dolls, rattles, her hands, the sleeves of her shirts as I put them on…

And she is GROWING! I just spoke with our nanny, Patti, who introduced some yellow squash I made with the Beaba Babycook last night (without burning myself, thankfully). The verdict? Loved it. Ate it all and asked for more.

What a champ.