Monthly Archives: November 2011

High Tech & Two

Virginia Grey’s Kindle Fire is on the way. Now she can back up off my iPad so I can look at my “recipes.”


Baby on Board!

Well now that the first trimester is over… meet my fetus, y’all!

Due date: April 30, 2012

There were posts I wanted to make during those tiring early weeks but an uncharacteristic need for privacy (not superstition) reigned. So here is some stuff about that time, below…

Earliest I had gone to bed: 7:00pm

Things I craved:

-cotton candy
-sour straws
-ramen noodles
-grape juice
-black and white milkshakes

(I still have yet to get my fondue or grape juice but managed to hit everything else on that list.)

Weight gained: Like a pound, I think?

Virginia has heard about the baby and seems unmoved. She talks frequently of “sisters” and of her general dislike of boys and babies, so hopefully I’ll give birth to a 4 yr old girl.

More on this later.


Pendleton muchacho baby blanket

Pendleton muchacho baby blanket - rose - $80

Crib Size. Wool. $80. At Opening Ceremony (phone orders only!)
(646) 237-6078

A perfect gift for…me!