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Hi. Long time no see!

Just needed to tell you super quick that Virginia is awesome and loves to keep things short and sweet.

Here are some of her favorite abbreviations:

    Seltz (seltzer)
    Grey Popes (for Grey Popo, her security object)
    Empire States’ (for the Empire State Building – her favorite Manhattan building (the borough she refers to as Manhatts, on occasion))

Not strictly a shopping blog- swear!

Zef- Lady Gloria boots - from 163.04 €

Need need, want want. They come in brown too.

Rad tee

goldilocks and the 3 bears by Monikako - £15.00

Love it. Need it.

A Trip to the Museum of Natural History

Since the afternoon was scheduled to be cruddy, weather-wise, Joanie took the nug to the upper west side to take in a bit’o’science. She loved it!

I should google it but…

…is there a place on earth (like a town, village, hamlet, kibbutz?) where there are no total numbskulls? Part of me wants to say, “Tell me and I’ll move there!” but then I would no longer be afforded the opportunity to laugh at stuff like this.

So, I responded to someone’s question on Circle of Moms – one of the more ridiculous mom forums that I occasionally browse as a result of their incessantly spamming me…

The question was: “What is the age limit of a girl and boy sharing a room? my daughter is 5 and my son is 3 what is the legal age where my daughter will need her own room.”

The idea that there would be a LAW that controlled this sort of thing amused me – so I says…

and here were two back to back responses to me…

OUCH! Sounds like these moms enacted a bylaw against understanding JOKES.

Vacation time!

Mike, Virginia and I just got back from our summer trip to Toronto to visit family and pallies! It was action-packed and full of child nudity, lake swimming, pizza eating, family napping, and staying up past bedtime. Here are some pictures and a video below!

Fully asleep

Not lactating! Swear! I just got up close and personal with V's wet swimsuit a minute earlier...

At Maris' BBQ in Innisfil

Relaxing with a roadside cone

Watering plants at the Evergreen Brick Works

In Scarborough with cousin Emma.

Virginia LOVES Cheryl. The cookies didn't hurt either