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Love Each Other

Virginia has been doing this new thing where she scoots beside me if I’m sitting down, leans her head into my shoulder or guts and says “love each uvver.” YES! We love each other – it’s true!!

If you and your child want to proclaim this fact on your wallspace, you can do so via this cool print!

Yellow and Magenta Venn print - £25.00

“Me” and “You” not doing it for you? Then make like John Mayer and “say what you need to say” – maybe “chocolate” and “cheese” is more your speed, or “gin” and “tonic” or “misery” and “company”… Enough already, I don’t want to dilute your own creative juices with my silliness. The point is they will customize the 12″x16” work of art to your specifications.




I’m thinking I should UNSUBSCRIBE from these ‘babycenter’ weekly emails …

The Coolest Kid on Earth

People will disagree with me (I don’t care!) but being a kid can be a dorky as hell time. Between lame parents putting you in awful gear from The Children’s Place (Children, were you aware your “place” was filled with so many horrible colors and patterns?! You should sue!) and having to watch pitiful programming like Word World (how does making a shark’s body spell out the word ‘shark’ help anybody learn to read?) and ‘Angelina Ballerina’ (Could she be any more of a spoiled turd?) – the cards are kind of stacked against you, coolness-wise. You can’t go to shows, or ride your bike down to the docks yet. Maybe you like good music but that’s probably just a coincidence, and if your parents have been taking you to art openings on their shoulders well you run the risk of being jaded by the time you’re 7. Tough waters to navigate, little dawgs!

Then again, you’re young and have a million chances to hit ctrl-alt-delete on your steez before you hit teendom and your social network remembers every malaprop, bad haircut and sartorial misstep you make. (I ain’t even gonna get in to taking your clothes off on the internet. Don’t do it, girls.)

That said- incorporating some or all of the stuff below into your life will ensure that you at least APPEAR totally awesome- even if you have a lisp and cry during the ‘Backyardigans’ theme song.


LIKEaBIKE Racer - German Walking Bike - $294.76 on Amazon

This one looks SICK but is pricey as hell as it is no doubt constructed in ‘non-China.’

Smart Gear Smart Balance Bike - $69.77

This one is about 1/3 of the price and looks almost as cool. But these decisions are between you and your shrinking retirement fund. Oh wait- that’s me!

Frank Lloyd Wright Fallingwater house lego set - $124 at Velocity Art and Design

Legos are innately cool, but add thoroughly horrible, misogynist architects into the mix and the result is a disturbingly cool toy. Maybe leave out the part about the kids getting butchered by Wright’s deranged Caribbean chef at Taliesin. Unless you think emotion scars are cool.

Babette doll - £25.00 at Le Train Fantome

A well-dressed doll for your well dressed child.

Marysia Dangling Dot bikini - $40 (on SALE!) at Barney's

I want this for myself.

Denim Tiger Jacket - €33.50 from Mini Rodini

Jean jackets are great. Bold tiger print? Well look at it this way…when ELSE in life are you going to be able to get away with this? (Hopefully forever, Virginia, presuming you don’t work in finance!)

Bobo Choses Harlequin dress - £20.30 at Orfeo

Hoodie Suit - €40,00 - from Popupshop

I think this girl’s face says it all.

April Showers 'face bag' - $58.50 at Sweet William

Sudo Cynthia ankle boots - $65 (on SALE!)

I saw these boots and was inspired to do a post on COOL KID stuff. So there you go.
Finish the whole thing off with this perfectly ratty dream jacket and you’re set for life (or until you outgrow all this stuff. Maintaining one’s cool is a journey, not a destination!)

Leather bomber jacket (size 4) - $115 on Etsy


Confetti mobile - $75 from Frazier & Wing

Frazier and Wing use genius color combos that make their delicate and simple mobiles appropriate for everyone, not just crib chillers.

Vintage German Biology Wall Chart - Worms - $165 on Etsy

Science? School? Do I even *read* my own intro paragraphs? I thought this was supposed to be about nauseatingly COOL stuff!? Enter: worms.
Some kid: “What the fudge is that?”
Your kid: “That? That’s a huge old worm hanging on my wall and I ain’t even a little bit grossed out. OWNED.”

Lewis Moon Poster - £12.00 at Le Train Fantome

I don’t know who this Lewis is, but he hangs out on the moon so… you do the math.

Table/Chair from Child Child Chair - $549.00 at Little Catwalk

It took me a minute to figure out what was going on here but basically it’s a slick piece of blond wood furniture with an extremely limited purpose that involves a small child conversing with a baby. Ideally, the conversation would take place is Swedish but I guess one-sided English would work too.

Ice Cream mobile - $40

This mobile is whimsical and fun and doesn’t have Dora’s triangular shaped head exploring all over it.

Stay cool, my young friends!


Clutching the winning tickets!

My friend Jeff sent me this picture last night. It’s from a few months ago when he took us for a little trip out Brooklyn to enjoy some vegan Jamaican cuisine and then to Aqueduct racetrack to play the ponies. We got there pretty late in the day but were able to catch the last 2 races and crucially, introduce Virginia to the joys of gambling. Also? Won about 30 bucks.

Shades on

Kids are always squinting or whining about the sun in their eyes but the little boogers never want to keep hats, kerchiefs or sunglasses on*!

*or they break them in 2 seconds.

A fine and dandy solution? Tape their eyelids shut with surgical gauze! I mean… keep trying out new and stylish ways of duping them into protecting their peepers.

One such way is with my friend Molly’s creation: BABIATORS. Molly’s an expectant mama, a brainiac, and most inspirationally for this endeavor- the wife of a US Marine F/A-18 fighter pilot! Babiators are colorful, kid-size, BPA-free, and all that good stuff, but my favorite part is that they are made of durable RUBBER. It says on the box they are virtually indestructable but I had to find out for myself- and dang it, I’ve twisted ’em, bent the arms all the way out, squished the bridge of the nose…and they magically return to their previous shape, no hard feelings.

If you think some red or blue glasses will add a little patriotic flare to your squirt’s summer look- uh.. you’re right! And this week is the perfect time to seize opportunity by the diaper and buy a pair or two for the important kids in your life!

Babiators wants to help spread this patriotic cheer by offering a discount code to use during the holiday.

From July 2nd-5th only, the coupon code BABIATORS4TH will give Til There Was You readers 25% off purchases of their festive Rockstar Red and Blue Angels Blue sunglasses when purchasing from!

Happy Canada Day!

It’s July 1st! It’s Canada Day!

I suggest you celebrate by leaving a below-average tip at your favorite restaurant! ZING!

But seriously folks – please party Canadian-style and wear your tinest red and white apparel as you treat strangers cordially tonight. If you happen to be under 3 1/2 feet tall – don’t drink beer.