Monthly Archives: February 2011

She speaks!

After what seems like a painfully long time, the young nuggleton has decided that talking is something she might have an interest in. It started with her all-in-one-day mastery of ‘mama’, ‘moon’ (pronounced ‘moom’ or ‘numa’ or ‘muna’ – but point taken) and Elmo (or ‘mew-mo’). Now she says “Coke” for Daddy’s favorite beverage and “wow” as well as “man” and for ladies, “leelee.” All children are “baby” and cows are “moooooo” but a bath is “bassth” which is really quite close! She can say “poop” and does, whenever she farts, which is frequently!

She can identify ‘S’, ‘O’ and sometimes ‘P’ and usually ‘B’ — she knows when there are two of something and says “Twooo!” If there are 2 Ss, she will even say “esses!” She can also pick out the number ‘9’ which she calls “naan!”

There is still plenty of things she says where were have no clue what she is talking about like with her whole calling people “DOOUCHJ” or “Doo-dahtch” and going on about ‘bidyeh bidyeh baiiii’ and ‘dibbeh dibbeh dubai!!” … but maybe eventually it will all make sense.




I can’t WAIT to buy (but more importantly have V wear ) these shortie overalls from The Gap.

Also? I’m mucho tickled by these ice cream PJs


Happy Birthday Daddy!

From your loving girls!!

World of Barf

There has been so much vomiting going on around here it’s not even worth talking about it all! So much laundry! So many compromised towels! So many reminders to “stay hydrated” when I have been primarily concerned with hydrating the inside of the toilet bowl with my stomach contents. Oy vey!!!

I seriously sent myself off to dreamland last night with this meditative vision of Virginia and I holding hands on a beach in Mexico, our eyes lazily closing in our beach chairs as salty warm breezes blew over our sun-kissed skin.

Have I mentioned I farging can’t take farging WINTER for one more farging SECOND??? I am pretty much on the cusp of a full-blown Shirley MacLaine in ‘Terms of Endearment’ style freakout against nature/everything as previously alluded to in an earlier entry.

I promise to post cute, non-depressing, rage-less baby-type things later today!