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Cute Things

Some super cute things in the 6th issue of Aussie web mag LMNOP.

Euro shoes at Conguitos.

Cool kids’ rugs at

A Charley Harper Coloring Book!


Stayin’ small

Tomorrow I’ll be 23 weeks along.
Yesterday, I made my first attempt at “getting to know other pregnant women” via a Meet-Up for ‘Fitness Moms’ or something like that. 5 or 6 pregnants that meet and walk along the FDR drive for a few miles to get the blood pumping and discuss birth plans, nanny selection, slings, gliders and the *disadvantages* of co-sleeping (No one there was as “crunchy” as me, apparently, so I didn’t bother asking who among us was planning on encapsulating their placenta for future consumption).

One interesting thing though was noting the differences in the way the women’s bodies are carrying their pregnancies. The petite leader of the group who is 37 weeks has reported that she is still an A-cup and has gained around 30 pounds. Her belly is very, very basketball-like, high and pronounced. Her friend, 2 weeks behind at 35 weeks says she feels like she has put on weight everywhere BUT her belly. The woman who was closest to me, due date wise, has gained about 20 pounds.

I weigh 9 pounds more than I did when got pregnant.

That hadn’t seemed weird to me until yesterday…
23 weeks
That looks kinda normal right?

The 20 week sonogram reported our daughter as being 10 oz. I mentioned it to the 24 wk woman during our conversation about intensity of fetal movements- “Oh! She’s small!,” was her response. I described the fluttery, fidgety series of pokes and wiggles that are my little one’s trademark and they contrast with her son’s forceful, single kicks and punches. “Maybe it’s because I’m having a boy…”

I’m hoping it’s because my girl’s just kinda mellow? *sigh* Anyway, I told Mike today that I “don’t think our girl is going to be very big.” He looked a little confused by the statement which came out of nowhere was he was washing dishes and I was helping to put them away. “I mean, I think she will be a tall girl…and adult. I just don’t think I’m going to have a big baby.”
“Well… that’s… alright, right?”
“Oh yeah. It’s fine. I just always figured I would have a big baby- like I was. Maybe I’m wrong… it’s just sort of a feeling I have.”

Any gamblers out there wanna place bets?