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Dressing Up

I have a cousin named Jane, who, for a period of her childhood, refused to leave the house without a tail. I believe the tail was of the dinosaur persuasion and I don’t think it mattered what it was made out of – so long as it protruded from the back of her pants visibly. Now in her late 30s, she is worried that this story makes her seem “weird” but I assure you, there are about 25 other things that make her seem weird, not the least of which is how much sugar girlfriend puts in a cup of coffee. Seriously, you could get type II ‘beetus just from looking at her do it.

But I digress.

Virginia’s imagination continues to grow and reach hilarious new heights each waking hour, and she comes to me with matter of fact explanations of her current and future activites, “Wellll, I’m just going to work right now? I’m a lady bus driver so I well…I just have to let these senior citizens on because well, because they are just always going places!” or “This song kinda makes me feel like getting married. I think tomorrow I will get married.”

Who are you going to marry?

“My husband.”


And of course there is the more typical, I’m a fairy / I’m a dog feeder / I’m Annie / I’m the little girl from Annie (Molly) / I’m Miss Hannigan / I’m Foofa / I’m your mom / I’m a baby / I’m a friendly alligator…

Anyway- all this pretend play action has me thinking it’d be fun to flesh out her prop trunk beyond the clikity-clackety yellow plastic Disney high heels (a gift from a neighbor child thankyouverymuch) that she of course LOVES.

Below are some less horrifying alternatives!

1950s flower costume - $40

The measurements are in metric and despite living in Canada for about 7 years I have no idea what an 80cm bust means, but I’m sure there’s an app for that. Celsius is easy though guys – double it and add 30. Boom- you got Fahrenheit. You’re welcome.

Peacock wings $30

1960s "Indian" girl costume - $28

I’m not going to address whether or not this is culturally insensitive or not. Call it a “native american” tunic if you want. It’s not a costume’s job to teach your kid to not be a schmo, it’s yours. I think it’s ‘Dances with Adorable.’

Captivating Capes - $75 (handmade in a variety of colors and trims)

Natural linen party hat $18

Wovenplay 'ribbon socks' $30

Animal tails $38

Mouse tail $24

Felt mouse ears headband $18

And if you’re handy with a sewing machine…

McCall's 1560 sewing pattern // Girls' Angel and Fairy Queen Costume $7.00

1940s Vintage Simplicity Halloween Costume Rabbits Kitty Cat Duck Size 2-4 $8.95

And why should you have to be ambulatory to get in on the cos-play action?

newborn photography prop kitty cocoon $40

You don’t!

Until next time…


Legendary Stink

A million years ago, my mom, in her capacity as an amazing publicist, represented interior design and luxury living maven, Charlotte Moss. Charlotte’s a fantastic designer and one of my idols when it comes to worshiping the hilariously indulgent and overpriced. I remember her townhouse/shoppe offered these tiny hinged walnuts …for $95. Decadent! (And out-of-business, I might add)

That hair! Those baubles! PURE DIXIE!

Anyhoo, appreciate or despise the lady, she dreamt up one hell of a transcendent scent, lo those many years ago. I first encountered Virginia in candle form and even at age 10 or 12 or whatever knew that it perfectly expressed this dreamy, languid, feminine, “ice softly clinking in glasses on a candle-lit wrap-around porch” thing that I imagined must go on in in the South. It’s a romantic white floral with just a touch of racism!

I jest!

But seriously folks, it’s one of my favorite scents of all times and while I swear I did not name my daughter after a candle, I’m proud that such a majestic stink bears her name.

It doesn’t appear to be available in candle form anymore but I was able to find a room diffuser that might to worth picking up – despite its extremely Charlotte-like price tag of $110.

Said I wasn’t gonna do it…

…and here I am doin’ it! Bloggin about my cervix. 

So I had a midwife appointment yesterday and even though I said about an hour earlier (on the phone with my mom) that I am not into internal exams, when Melanie asked if I wanted to get checked out I said “sure.”

I’m 2cm dilated (Go on. Picture it!) but the baby’s head is still way high up so basically this kid ain’t coming for the next 48 hours. 

We talked about things I could do to help get the party started (use your imagination, you animals) and things THEY could do to *really* get the party started if it came to that – like breaking my water. I am really not into people messing with me – literally and figuratively – and I’d always feel like my son had a fake birthday, so I will avoid such an eventuality at all costs (although I would definitely do it before I would consider alternatives like a pitocin-based induction or a c-section, natch).

I cleaned the bathtub with gusto last night and will continue to take the stairs and never the elevator (‘cept at work – 42nd floor, y’all), eat spicy food, have unprotected sex (still sounds dirty, doesn’t it!), drink raspberry leaf tea, use evening primrose oil, and pray (secularly) that I don’t go so far past my due date that I no longer qualify for the birth center. I’m not REALLY worried about that. I mean- that is TWELVE whole days away. 

Memories made sweeter…

I stumbled on to this awesome DIY version of the memory game on Australian lifestyle blog ‘Eat Drink Chic’ (via Daily Candy) and it’s just so darn delish…

Go there and download the template for the popsicles (you supply the cardstock, sticks, and glue…)

Virginia in the Springtime…

I discovered Flickr has some fake Hipstamatic/Instagram type thing and not being an Iphone owner, and having felt tragically left out this past year or two (lies), I present some digitally enhanced Springtime shots of our family… 


Trying on Grammy's glasses

Washington Square Park

Easter Brunch at Frankies 570

Send in the Fairies

Here’s something I’ve learned about little girls – no matter how much you shield them from Disney, princesses, and an overabundance of pink, they will gender reinforce themselves with NO HELP FROM YOU!

The best you can hope for is they choose something semi-neutral and flexible like fairies. That way you can take it in this direction…

Instead of *this* direction…

Can’t even get into how much this one makes me want to hurl.

Anyway. Virginia mentioned a few weeks ago that she wanted a “chocolate cake” for her birthday and also a “fairy cake.” As I love to bake, and love a challenge, I am all over spending 2 months envisioning the ideal chocolate fairy cake and have turned to Pinterest for insight into what’s out there in the world of fairy cakes to see how I can improve upon the theme.

Here are some examples of what people consider “fairy cakes”

Sure, go ahead and throw a transgendered fairy on there, it's 2012, right?

I guess this one is more "woodland" themed - but I love the icing color...

The way I envision it, I kinda want the top of the cake to suggest this…

If the cake ends up with a functioning water feature, so be it.

But enough about the cake. Here are some little doodads to flesh out the fairy theme…

flower fairies party invitations & thank you notes (set of 8 each) $20 at Chasing Fireflies

flower fairies party garland $10

flower fairies party centerpiece $24

5 sheets of pixie wrapping paper on Etsy $8

And for the big gift? Well Virginia has been asking for a dollhouse and while I naturally want to take it to the limit with a 1:24 scale Victorian masterpiece that I would painstakingly paint and wallpaper and carpet and furnish (oh wait- did I say “I”? I mean…) I recently found this less hysterical, more child-friendly and economical option.

Enchantmints Fairy forest Lodge $61.98

Look how relaxed this fairy is! Who could not enjoy playing with this stuff?

So there you have it – my initial ideations of Fairypalooza 2012. More to come I’m sure…

Last day of the Jacadi / Petit Bateau sample sale ….

New York pallies –

Today is the last day for scooping up some euro babywear on the cheap in midtown! 


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