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The other one

I feel bad for the Grammers! This blog is always “Virginia this ” and “Virginia that” – where’s the love for that fat, blonde goober we call The Graham?? 

Well the Graham is doing just fine. He is eating “pouch food” and baby cereal and sprouting his first tooth. He still likes to wake around 4am for a boob party, and has recently fallen in love with an octopus. 

He weighs in at over 20lbs, says “deh deh deh” a lot and can hulk his husky form around pretty good but can’t quite crawl. 


New abbreves

The other day Virginia was playing animal dominoes by herself on the floor of her room while I played with Grammers on her bed. Then I hear her saying “Turds with… turds…” 

Me: What?
Virginia: Turds! Turtles! It’s short for turtles.
(laughter ensues)
I then learn that “bums” is short for bumblebees, and “donks” is short for, you guessed it, donkeys.

Virginia’s time is important, y’all!! She ain’t got time to be talking all ad infinitum about animals! Gimme a break!

The Retographer

Virginia speaks often about being a “retographer” when she grows up. Her are some of her recent retographs…

Grey Bear

Mess/ V’s art table/ tortilla flute


Squids in love

Socks and mittens

Embarrassing parental bedroom scene, now with more children!

Pushable princess

Graham is my favorite toy!

Hands across America

Graham’s toes

So like… look out, Chad Moore

Happy Halloween!

Because Virginia is THREE and a GIRL, she naturally wanted to be a “fairy princess” for Halloween. (Who even knew there was a fairy monarchy?) So, although I am a card-carrying JERK most of the time, I shook off my own concerns about gender stereotypes and whatnot and bought her the whitest, fluffiest (but also American homemade and NON-Disney) tutu and wings I could find.

Trying it on immediately…

When I first presented her with it she gasped and asked “You ….bought this for me?” Yes. “It’s so BEE-YOO-TEE-ful!” Then she tried it on and hugged the mirror.

Waving her magic wand…

Trick or Treating on Queens Blvd

And here was our completely homemade Snoopy…

It’s amazing what a pair of american apparel tights, a cut-out turtleneck and some black eyeliner will do!

Now go VOTE!

Her 15 minutes…

I have some serious catching up to do, y’all!

So, about a month ago my mom told me that one of her Today Show producer pals was looking for some families to be part of a Halloween costume segment. I told her to send me the details. Long story short, they booked us on the show and after many conversations with several members of the production staff about sizes, clothing preferences, car seat specifications, what and who to bring and when – we found ourselves in the green room at the SNL Studios, taking turns cuddling Graham, watching Virginia get her hair curled, pageant-girl style, and getting outfitted in blue garb while wardrobe assistants pinned foam fish to our bodies.

Virginia started out pretty excited – especially when she saw the patent leather sparkly flats she’d get to wear with her jellyfish costume. But that excitement quickly turned to crankiness when our backstage time stretched into its third hour and we were told to stand here, stand there, come over here, line up, walk across the street, be quiet, etc… There was no breakfast spread and a hungry toddler is a terrible toddler so there was this…

then a close-up of this…

and finally, this:

All while Kathie Lee and Hoda were like this:


And then… the front page of the Today show website?

Watch the clip here.