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Garlands Galore!

Awesome garlands from Frazier & Wing…

Each one is 72″, $20, and available here.


Sippy Cup Time Machine

Photos by Dave Gillespie. August 2009

Chew me up

I absolutely LOVE this little tee shirt. Why does Australia have all the dopest kid’s stuff???

Bear Tee by Minti

Fun with the slider

Off to the Armory show!

Since Virginia is so mobile (in her own hodge podge way of cruising, crawling and hermit crab-style scooting) it’s fun to play games with her like “Follow that baby!” which involves me holding a huge mirror while walking backwards as she tries to “meet the baby.” When she gets close I move the mirror to the side or behind her so she has to do a 180 and follow the baby in another direction. We did that for about 20 minutes last night and V never seemed to get frustrated by it.

Ohhhhh and then I held some 3D glasses on her and encouraged her to stare at the dining room lamp. Her mind was a little bit blown by that. Then we played with some socks and I repeated draped a blanket over my head and let her pull it away. We followed that up by opening some boxes in the kitchen and inspecting their contents. (Sprout baby food. Check it out! It’s totally the BEST!) Then it was time to see what fun could be had on the couch. We played a fine, noisy round of ‘baby mimicry’ and then it was time for dinner. Sweet peas and green beans, followed by a dessert of roasted banana and mango atop oatmeal. (A far cry from my lame dinner of 5 overcooked vegetarian “sausage links” and a yogurt)

Finally Daddy came home and played with the young nug while I attacked the floors, Irish washer-woman style with Murphy’s oil soap. Daddy got her into her new pjs (‘Ginny Jams’ as they are known around the house — and the ONLY time we refer to Virginia as Ginny, fyi) and soon it was time for her snooze bottle. She was blissfully asleep in time for LOST but must have a new crop of teeth making their way to the surface because she woke up pretty crabby at 12:44, and again at 6-something.

But! She has mastered 2 new skills!! She clapped on Sunday and waved goodbye yesterday! I will need to document both of these feats, videographically…


This little baby got a present on her 9 month birthday – a cheerio!

Here she is enjoying it:

I'm very big!

I have a short video I shot on my blackberry of her eating her second cheerio (which I had to place in her mouth) and her facial expressions are priceless- ranging from surprise, disgust, near gagging, suspicion, and finally complacency. When she is done swallowing, she realizes that she has mastered a new thing and is very proud of herself. Oh, that baby!

Grow a baby, grow a tree

When are my friends going to start having kids so I can buy them cute little things like this? It’s hangtag contains tree seeds so once you snip it off you can jam it in thr ground and watch it sprout! The bib itself is made in the USA from 100% organic cotton.

$12. Mini Rotation.

Mean streak

Sometimes I just CANNOT control myself on these mom forums. Like today there was this question from ‘Jessica L.’:

My sister’s baby boy is due this June and she is having a hard time coming up with a name. She already has four boys, Talon, Kaden, Kimbal, and Kanoah. Any suggestions for a name that will go with these?

First of all, I never really get it when people ask the internet “Is this a good name?” (invariably, it isn’t) but it’s such a personal thing that random ideation from strangers seems useless.

Regardless, I could not let it go. I thought about responding with, “How about something that is actually a name?” but instead wrote, “What about Tylenol?”