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She wants…

Miss Virginia has heretofor not ASKED for anything by name – well except from the obvious food requests- like waking up each morning and mumbling “ROGUT SNACKKSSSSS” (yogurt snacks) before I even am able to unglue my eyelids from one another. Seriously- this morning I told her we were out of yogurt snacks and she wimpered for 20 minutes. What ARE those things??? Toddler crack.

Anyhoo, this morning, when she finally got over the lack of yogurt snacks, she looked up at me and said quietly, “I wanta doll house.” And it was the cutest thing I ever heard. Her earnest little face! “I know you do, my love. We’re working on it.”

Here’s the thing though. *I* want a doll house. So I can’t just get her some cruddy cheap dollhouse (that she would probably be thrilled with) I need to bankrupt myself or spend the next 87 evenings hunched over 100,000 small wooden parts while glue fumes cook my brain so that we end up with something like this…

or this…

or this…

Why am I such a jerk?!


Big Girl Beds

With Virginia’s 2nd birthday looming (tomorrow! Eek!) we’ve started to think about all the signifiers of “big girl-dom” and the jewel in that crown is most certainly a “big bed.” I’ve started poking around for such a sleeping nook and since this is 2011 and we live in the first world, the options are truly endless.

If you have a similarly aged child or are merely bored at work, please enjoy the juice of my mindfruit!

Riley Bed (twin) - on sale - $349!

The idea of a trundle bed appeals to me because of its space-friendliness and implication that my child will have friends.

Moon Valley Rustic twin bed - $425

I dig this log cabin style wooden bed, but does it go with our “urban” environs? Does it matter? Maybe once we expand to Mann-Wallace Compound.2 – Sullivan County Edition, we can get it. Hooray.

Now, once a bed is decided upon, it’s time for my favorite part – the bedding! I have a really really hard time finding bedding I like (I have a business idea here. Angel investors and former McKinsey types hit me up) but I managed to find a few pieces that didn’t make me want to gag. (What’s with all the polka-dots and 80s clip-art style flowers??)

Solid sheets from Auggie - $78

The Little Auggie line is simple. 100% cotton bedding in great colors, stripes and subtle prints that are childlike without all the nauseating gender-stereotyping that is so common at let’s say… Pottery Barn Kids.

Stripe Duvet Cover and Shams from West Elm - $19.00-$89.00

Stripe sheet set from West Elm - $14.99-$69.99

You really can’t go wrong with stripes. They are neutral, graphic, classic (warning: this is a word I am fully aware that I overuse)- okay, scratch that – “timeless.” You can pair them with bold florals, tiny prints, plaids in the winter, colorful solids, etc.

The next three are all from Marimekko…

Sola Twin Duvet Cover & Pillowcase Set - $121

Ilta-Aurinko Euro Twin Duvet Cover & Pillowcase Set - $121

(In case you’re wondering about the measurements … Euro twin duvet covers measure 59″ x 83″. Sold in a set with one pillowcase measuring 20″ x 24″)

Valpuri Toddler Duvet Cover & Pillowcase Set - $68.00

(…in case you’re going the toddler bed route.)

Twin duvet - $69 / shams (set of 2) $34 - from Urban Outfitters

And of course you can’t go wrong with a classic (sorry?) wool Pendleton blanket.

Pendleton Glacier National Park Blanket (twin) - $168

Boom! Timelessness!

Feel like getting fancy? Cool. I can TOTALLY help you with that!

Cameo collection from Leontine - $105- $520

In case you want to go girly without incorporating an out-of-proportion polyester Disney monstrosity into the mix. Plus? I love me some monograms. It means no one will ever steal your sheets, riiight?

Below are some offerings that are the absolute pinnacle of classic, feminine, French-iosity. D. Porthault is pure art!

D. Porthault 'New York Mille Fleurs' bed linens - $ I mean, if you have to *ask*...

D. Porthault - Etoiles

Floppy Bunnies

If you are more of an ‘all vintage, all the time’ type, check these adorable offerings!

2 matching twin-size chenille bedspreads - $149

I’m partial to these because they look like delicious birthday cakes. My birthday, on the other hand, is getting less and less delicious each year. And so it goes…

Vintage Twin Girls Quilt - $45

60s Flower Power and Dolls Print Coverlet - $32

It mentions this one is fairly used but that the colors are still strong. I think the print is just awesome – and I am a bit of a hoarder-without-borders when it comes to bedding.

Stars and Stripes forever crocheted blanket - $76

I can’t tell if I think this is beyond awesome or creepily reminds me of a coffin being loaded off a military plane under cover of darkness. If you fall into the patriotic former camp – go for it!

  • Now, if you were wondering if it’s possible to take your child’s first bed experience to a ‘My Super Sweet 16’ level of insanity… it totally is!

    Jungle Safari Bunk Bed - $1,745.00

    So yeah, it’s a bunk bed, it’s a giant elephant, and for anybody with a copy of ‘Where’s the Poop?’ at home, it’s a humongous creator of feces.

    Tools of the Trade bed - $14,900!!!!

    Okay- yes- what kind of bedding do you put on a bed this ‘themey’? Also, what kind of mortgage could I take out to purchase it? Too much to consider.

    This bed(room) is pretty unreal. Like visiting the Children’s Museum every day.

    Tarabella - Hand painted iron bed - $7,700

    I think this bed is actually just darling. I can picture 2 or 3 of them, side by side in the lofty attic of my breezy summer house in My Mind, Long Island – population: me.

    Private Cloud Rocking Bed -- $?? Insane ??

    I would actually love to try this one out for real. I would put it in my NAPS ONLY room as it is probably a terrible place to actually create children.

    Okay, okay- back to life, back to reality. Here are some more beds that regular earthlings could entertain…

    Loft bunk set from Room & Board - $1099

    Got two? I love this “prison cute” minimalist bunk/trundle set-up.

    Campo bed from Room and Board - $899

    Bolton Bed - $179.06 with free shipping

    Am I a terrible, boring mom if I probably just go with this (or its Ikea equivalent)? It’s like this- this is not going to be Virginia’s last bed. This is going to be the bed she scribbles on with her “cry-nins”, that she stubs her toes on, jumps off of on to a pile of pillows, hides under, welcomes a new sibling in… Her room is about 10’ x 15’ feet and her bed needs to have its long side against the wall- so visually, a bed with no head/footboard is ideal.

    I still haven’t pulled the trigger on a bed, or bedding. Nor have I pulled the trigger on an AK-47, although I have been told I am an excellent marksman. That said, if you have any HOT TIPS for me, send them my way!

  • Someone has a birthday coming up…

    …and like, how cute is this banner?

    Happy Birthday Fabric Bunting Banner - $39

    …and these cake garlands?

    Yarn pom pom cake garland - $18

    Pinwheel Cake Garland - $26

    …and this little dress?

    Strawberry striped toddler dress - $13