Monthly Archives: February 2013

All the news that’s fit to blog

I have now gotten my period twice in 2013 after having not gotten for all of 2012 and half of 2011, but I still see this as unfair. I forgot how gross menstruating is. Good thing I only have another 25 years to go!

In other news…

Virginia likes to supplement her meals by constantly requesting “side orders.” Frequently these side orders are Ritz crackers. “Mom, I looooovvvvve Ritz crackers.”

The other day we were watching Jeopardy and they showed a picture of Sarah Jessica Parker as Annie in the original Broadway production of Annie. V’s opinion? (eyeroll) “Mom, her hair is KILLING me.” 

Graham is half-baby, half-pitbull. If he sees something he wants (piece of string, fashion magazine, plate of food he can’t eat, gum wrapper) he will use every pound of baby strength to get at it as quickly as possible. “So what?”, you say, “all babies be grabbin’ at stuff.” Yes, but our baby is HUGE and has uniquely designed tacky palms and feet for maximum gription, razor sharp teeth, and advanced hair-pulling skills (it’s a technique where you use both hands to pull two separate chunks of hair in opposite directions. Very effective). So, while you are being abused and attempting to disengage sweaty mango-scented fingers from your hair, he is halfway over your body, using his free arm to destroy whatever it is you are failing at preventing him from destroying. And he’s giggling his face off.