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Oh this is my favoritest toy ever!

Virginia had been asking about getting a toy razor for a while (I guess she is intrigued by watching daddy shave) and I didn’t know if such a thing existed or if it was really a great idea to encourage razor interest, but sure enough, the tiny detective found a toy shaving kit at this pharmacy in the village and begged and pleaded and clutched the kit to her chest and was just too cute to be denied, and so now she is the proud owner of this…

It exists!

We barely had her stroller in the door when she was asking if she could take a bath and use her new toy. “I’m so exciteddddd!!!”

I have some video too, I’ll link it if I end up throwing it on Youtube or something.


My baby will get you pregnant.

Grammers is so off the chains good-looking that when Mike and I walked past this group of highschool girls the coo’ing and que lindo’ing was so intense we should seriously be held accountable for their imminent teenage pregnancies. Seriously. 


Stuff I’ll want to remember (or forget)

Blogging has really gotten the short end of the stick this time around and I know I’ll feel bad about it later.

The Grammers is a huge baby who can smile and “talk” now and loves to kick out his little legs forcefully one at a time or stomp them together for added emphasis. He is very good at his baby tricks which include ‘thunder butt’, ‘thunderbutt returns’ and the ‘double burp’ (wherein he produces a hearty and dry burp that gets you to say “Ohhhh good boy-eee! Good bay-beee! That must feel better, huh? Gooo goo goo goo?” and then when you’ve stopped paying attention he shoots a little curdled yogurt on to your shoulder.) I’ve gotten wise to this one so it never works on me anymore.

I’ve also noticed that I have like… insane BO? I know it’s a summer heat wave and it’s really humid but I think it must have something to do with the super-charged hormones of nursing. And yes, I get around to showering every now and then and do use deodorant. Still!

Graham sleeping in the double-stroller I bought on craigslist for $25

We went to the pediatrician on July 9th and he weighed over 15lbs! For those of you without infants at home, that is enormous. 101% to be exact. I think that means that no where on earth, besides traveling freak shows, will you find a baby that is more huge. Way to grow, Graham!

Virginia is a tall drink of water too – clocking in at 96% for height.

So, this medical practice, despite their groovy 60s wallpaper in the bathroom, is not as hippy crunchy as our last ped (who I loved!!!) and they are very pro sleep-training and beginning it as early as 2 months. Basically the instructions work like this, “At bedtime, 1. nurse your baby, 2. Put your baby into his crib to go to sleep, 3. Come back at 7am.” What? I can’t even imagine how many bouts of 20min+ crying/wailing/terrible suffocating sounds would occur during that time period. The results are enticing, they promise that after 4 days your baby will sleep 10-12 hours STRAIGHT every night. Currently Graham might give me a 6.5 hour stretch but not always. I just … well I don’t want to overestimate my ability to let my baby scream and feel just awful even if the results are good and he won’t remember it (they swear.) I figure the passage of time will be its own sleep training, you know?


That girl

There is a girl we see at our local playground with some frequency who is almost the exact same age as Virginia but who she has never engaged. Today Virginia approached her (and her shiny new playground ball) and asked “Do you want to play? … Can I play with you?” and the girl who is of eastern-euro origin of some stripe replied, “No.”

Virginia came over to me and said, “That girl thinks I’m yucky. Why does she think I’m yucky?” I told that that couldn’t possibly be true. (The reason I bring up the eastern euro thing is just because whatever she said that *sounded* like “yucky” was actually a word in her language that meant something more akin to “no”) The playground is ROUGH! Thankfully Virginia quickly found another playmate who was happy to participate in a game of “throw leaves in the air.” And I know my child can probably dish it out like her Ukrainian (I’m guessing) counterpart on her bad days but it does tug at your heartstrings when someone is mean to your child. When I hear Virginia introduce herself to someone and see her ignored, it tears me up. I know these are the types of inevitable lessons that one must learn on the mean green monkey bars…

Post abbreviated due to nausea. It’s always somethin’