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Small Fries Gift Guide – but wait, there’s more!

clementine art gift set - $18

Set of three, all natural, beautifully packaged art supplies. There’s modelling dough, markers, and your choice of either cream crayons or crayon rocks.

Clothespin girl magnets - $18.00

If you have a kid who is heavily into a magnet phase (like mine) or a doll phase (like many others) then these fashionable little girls seem like a good bet!

Sad Joe pillow - $99

Sad Joe is knit from 100% soft alpaca from the folks at Lucky Boy Sunday of Denmark. How big is he? Well I am terrible at metric, so how’s “knee high to a three year old”?

Lundby Stockholm Dollhouse - $204.95

I am going on a diet today so that maybe by summer I can move into this house. Yes- All the chairs, bathroom fixtures and glamorous inhabitants are sold separately but that’s half the fun! (Plus they can party down in your newly built fairy garden)

Barbapapa rocker - $209

Like the Kido store says, “It’s pink, it rocks, and we love it!” That about sums it up.

Vilac Octopus kite - $20.95

It’s red, it’s an octopus, and it flies! Also- it is cheap and awesome.

Rocko Flake Sled - $12

Easy to store and made of 100% recycled plastic!


Great Buys for Small Fries – Part 1

6 Kitty Egg Upcycled Crayons - $18

“Kitty Egg Crayons are the perfect introduction to color for small toddler hands. Explore the different sides of the Kitty Egg to make different strokes (use the ears for double lines and fine points and the sides of the body for broad strokes). Each Kitty Egg is made from 7-8 non-toxic crayons with no paper wrappers or broken stubs to worry about. Kitty Egg Crayons are made to be long lasting and durable!”

Customized wood walking blocks - $40

Do my fond memories of these mean I am 100 years old? Well look, when you’re only 3 feet tall, the idea of being 3″ taller is a pretty big deal. Falling on your face was pretty cool too.

Hug A Cloud - $25

Made of incredibly soft bamboo felt, this sweet cloud would be perfect as a doll for hugging and squeezing or as a nap-time pillow for some light and fluffy dreams. It measures around 18″ tall and can be GENTLY hand-washed with mild soap and cold water.

Bib and Matching Washcloth Set - $16

Sure- a handknit bib with coordinating bow-tie and matching washcloth may *seem* a bit over the top but they are made out of 100% cotton and are machine washable/dryable. Check out the whole shop and pick your favorite colors and themes!

TEETHING TOY - natural wooden teether for infants - $12

Little Teething Toys are the ideal first toy for babies to grasp and chew. Each Africa continent is sanded satin smooth, left unfinished and measures 3.75″ from north to south. They have pretty much every state and country imaginable so you can get all patriotic.

3 letter Monogrammed Ornament - $9.50

You can choose the letter color and dot colors to suit your fancy. Well hoo hee hoo!

Vintage Sterling Tiny Heart Necklace - $20

In very good shape. Chain measures approximately: 15″, the heart is 1/4″ across.

CABANE hut and frame from 240.80 €

It’s a house! It’s a sweater! It’s a fantastically stylish European sweater house!


Red Rocking Horses cardigan, booties and hat set - $89

Baby’s first Christmas? Make it special with this handmade hypoallergenic knit set. Fits up to 12 months.

hand-felted lamb and wolf baby booties - $48

Entirely natural and environmentally friendly, these hand felted and hand-embroidered baby booties are made on a Vermont farm! Each pair comes with a little picture book introducing May, their Border-Leicester ewe (and generous provider of this nice wool). I wish they came in ‘elephant size’ for me!

Hand Knit Raccoon Tail Hat - $18

Hand knit in easy machine washable acrylic yarn(shape and lay flat to dry). The hat is raccoon striped and has a polyfill stuffed raccoon tail sewn securely onto the base of the back of the hat.
Comes in a variety of sizes for kids 1-6.

Hand Knit Children's Raccoon Scarf - $29

A perfect companion to the Davy Crockett hat- get the ‘explorer’ look without the cruelty!
This little raccoon has a black button nose, two button eyes, two cute, little ears, a soft striped raccoon tail and two hind legs. It measures 42 inches in length and is 4.75 inches wide.

Happy Thanksgiving, kind wee pilgrims!

Around the Mann-Wallace household we think birds are for imitating, not eating!

My friend Helena turned me on to some awesome vegetarian recipes for a hot and hearty holiday meal. I am eager to make the stuffed portobellos and they’ll probably travel well to dinner in New Jersey, with a quick detour to my grandma’s oven.

Also on my “I have to bring my own food to this holiday and all others” menu is a simple quinoa salad and these iced pumpkin cookies. Yum!!

Still not convinced it is Thanksgiving without the bird? Why not learn more about how commercially bought turkeys are treated and raised and decide whether it jives with your philosophy of ‘thankfulness.’


Grab bag

Sometimes the baby launches what can only be described as a THERMONUCLEAR BROWN. Who knows if it has to do with faulty diaper application (user error) or just the force and angle of the emergence… but Christ on a business trip! It’s insane. We have to basically just throw her in the bathtub and spray her with bleach. Hmm, I guess I really shouldn’t spend a whole blog entry talking about poo. Sorry about that. And sorry if you were reading this at lunch.

Moving on! Yet another weekend went by where Mike and I did not take our family xmas card photo. We completely borked the opportunity last year and I am determined to succeed this time around. I even found this awesome Etsy vendor who makes custom felt portraits out of photographs and I would like to immortalize our family thusly.

But how I would really like to immortalize V (besides making her, you know, immortal) is in one of these pendants. Nice right? No diamonds though, too tacky.

Which reminds me! I’ll be doing a SMALL FRIES HOLIDAY GIFT GUIDE later. America was stupid to ever worry about Communism taking hold here- have you SEEN how much cute stuff there is to buy here?- no one could ever go back.

Gardening for Tinies

Living in New York City for a billion years (net), it’s safe to say I am sufficiently garden-starved. I LOVE greenery, but I hem and haw about whether it’d be cooler to live in a “real house” with a “yard” or to not live in a place where the only restaurant is a Chili’s. You know?? Cities are cool too! It’s a tough call!

But if you’re weird like me and experiencing a similar “longing for shrubs”, maybe you’d enjoy creating a …

dunh dunh dunh…


I’m obsessed with fairy gardens, y’all. They are mini magical places with plants and tiny things that allow you to pretend you are a small fairy and not an underpaid assistant project manager living in a studio in Elmhurst. Like a dollhouse, but more alive. From my intense research which consisted of approximately one google search, it would seem fairy gardens come in several sizes. There’s ‘lush’, ‘wee’, ‘tiny’ and ‘teensy tinesy’.

Below are some cool fairy gardens and places where you can buy tiny plants and mini stuff to make your own!


Oh hell-ooo!

Is it FALL in your fairy garden? Hmm?

A white picket fence for $2.95

fairy bed!

And you couldn’t do much without the plants…

Mini bedding plants has lots of micro plants that can thrive in the sun, in the shade and even indoors.

If I have an opening in my hobby schedule, this is definitely a top consideration despite Virginia’s destiny as DESTROYER OF FANTASY REALMS. Okay, so, why don’t you build one too and then my fairies can have sleepovers at your place and vice versa, okay?

In a world gone mad…

The nuggy shall save us all!

It’s been a while since I updated. Well let’s see. Virginia won the Costume Contest – Baby Division on Halloween with her ‘l’il Frenchman’ get-up.


I am a mean mom and didn’t allow her to have any candy at all! (She didn’t notice) Sometimes we share a wedge of chocolate from one of those Terry’s Orange things …

…and it becomes like a chocodrool massacre.

She has mastered saying BYE BYE and likes to say it while waving to pee in the toilet. (I’ve been saying “bye” to the pee pee lately as part of my “Introduction to the Miracles of Womanhood” potty-training curriculum) But she also says bye-bye to her diapers, which she enjoys carrying to the garbage can and depositing therein.

She loves plain yogurt with bananas and honey all mushed up in it. She loves to scribble with her crayons (in the highchair only!!) She loves to climb up on tables and then stand on them and yell. She loves squirrels.

She views beans with suspicion – she isn’t quite sure they are food.

She is curious about her toothbrush but thinks the idea is to get it wet and then suck all the water off it, then chew it.

She likes to touch our eyelashes, then all of our noses, then all of our teeth, then our tongues- that way she knows that all our critical face parts are safe, and roughly the same – so we must be okay.