Monthly Archives: August 2010

Illin’ and Chillin’

It’s hot, it’s cold, it’s hot… ugh. Virginia, Mike, our nanny, and I have all been taking turns having colds and coughs and fevers and now I have my first sinus infection. Wow! What a carnival of pain! I hope to be capable of blogging intelligently (oxymoron?) soon!


Decorate your baby

More Etsy deliciousity:

felt rabbit brooch - $26

.Light Brown Bunny Brooch - $24

mouse cashmere hat - $35

.Fuwa Bow necklace - $38

New Vids

Have you seen the latest baby remixes?

Head Shakin' Madness

More MIDI-style insanity from Queens' most ferocious DJ

As if…

I didn’t already know Virginia was cool as hell – she was born on Kim Gordon and Thurston Moore’s 25th wedding anniversary??

Kim and Thurston

Babes on Film!

Some new videos of the bulusan exist!

The Last Airbum

The Crazy Legs of the Swinging Baby

Expressions in a Skull Cave

Etsy faves for young sprogs

I am seriously going to explode when I have 2 thin dimes to scrape together again. The world is just filled with too much cuteness! (also: tragedy, wrongdoing, mosquitos, and Skechers)

Anyway -until that time I give to you what is, at this very moment, unattainable. Also, I have sadly learned that there will never come a time when I will have everything on earth I desire all at once forever and ever, nor will Virginia stay the same size for more than 6 hours- so party on.

Grey Mary Janes from the '70s - size 9.5 - $38

Vintage Girls Blue Tassle Shirt, Size 7 - $5

Vintage Holiday Flutter Apron, 12-24 Months - $13.50

Vintage Little Girls Prairie Dress Size 4T - $14

1960s blue suede cowboy vest - $64

Grey print dress - $22

Lavender Pouf Ruffled Dress sz 4 - $20

Little Girl Bowl - $10

Little Blue Edelweiss dress - sz 4- $12

Blue mushroom pillow - $22

vintage rollerskating panda bear cardigan sz 3T - 4T - $16

1980s Jordache JUGGLING CLOWNS Ruffle Swimsuit - Girls 6 - $14

Vintage 1950s Pink Bunny Sunsuit, 2T - $16.50

80s Snow Man Stocking Cap - $6

Vintage Toddler Flower Print Shirt (2-3T) - $13

Orange and Grey Cheerleader Dress - $13.50

Crocheted Child's Cotton Beaded Necklace - $35

Vintage Little Orphan Annie Pin - $7.95

Cherry Felt Necklace / Headdress - $20

flower hair bobby pins - $14.50

Live my dreams, dawgs!