Monthly Archives: November 2008

Not much to it

Now that I don’t feel like I am going to barf or faint every five minutes, I really don’t feel that “pregnant” at all! I also find that I can tolerate most foods- with the exception of cranberry juice (?)

Mike and I took my mom out for dinner on Saturday night for her birthday- which I ruined last year by being in the hospital, all learning to walk again and pee without a catheter (verdict: not really worth the trouble). So by comparison- this birthday was way better! Plus, I borked Thanksgiving last year too and as much as that holiday sort of repulses me, I’m glad I’l get to spend it with my extended family.

Winter has begun here and I am very vocal in my hatred of the cold weather (much to Mike’s equally vocal annoyance) Here is pretty much how that goes: 

Me: …This is such bullshit – Hawaii is one of the United States! Why doesn’t EVERYBODY in the United States move to Hawaii? 

Mike: Uh because it’s far away and boring?

Me: You’re far away and boring

Mike: Fuck! It’s been cold for ONE DAY!

Me: Oh DON’T you say “fuck” to me!

Mom: Don’t curse in front of the baby!!!!

I think the weather is also to blame for the tsunami of head pain I experienced yesterday. I don’t really get headaches that often so when I do I am usually convinced I have meningitis / brain AIDS. Mike asked me where it hurt and I described the sensation as a “yarmulke of pain” to spare him the more dramatic, but fully accurate portrayal: “full-blown burka of despair.”  I had him Google ‘Advil while pregnant’ and was bummed, but not that surprised, to learn it’s a no-no. Too bad it’s all we had in the house and Mike resorted to bringing me a cold compress- pioneer days style. It felt pretty nice, but sleep felt nicest of all, and was achieved after sobbing and sniffling myself to sleep on my dear one’s chest. (Still prone to irrational bouts of hysterical tears. No biggie though, I guess)


So, like, if it’s a girl?

Can I vote twice now?

Dah!! I’ve just been reading the comments on the ‘Fox Forum’ blog, in answer to the question “Can McCain close the gap tomorrow?”  So many strangers I wish to strangle!!! Hopefully by tomorrow my rage will have dissipated because those people, along with their precious war geezer candidate will be OUTTA LUCK!

Anyway, my mama, the baby and I will make our way over to the Gay & Lesbian Center on 13th St. tomorrow morning and pull hard for Obama! (Can’t imagine that particular polling place will have many McCainiacs in the house- if any) 

Feeling pretty good today. Turns out EATING is actually really helpful.  Tomorrow I meet with the doc to go over the results of all the bloodwork they did this past week and to discuss how their practice works. I also want to ask about hospital alternatives and if they are amenable to that sort of thing since I am still not 100% sure if the factory-style, bleeping-machines, hospital experience is what I want.

Why doesn’t Bloomingdales have a birthing department?