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Stuff and more stuff!

Enough about my kids saying this and that and whatever- I could fill a book with that stuff!

Here are some recent Etsy finds!

Vintage Kid’s Denim Bleached Dyed Jacket Pink & Blue – size 2

Vintage red and black checkered dress with white piping – 2- $15

70s sweater – unworn – 3 -$29.99

Child Soldier Sweater – approx 2T – $22

Mod Belted Colorblock Navy Sweater Dress 4-5T – $20

Lederhosen Baby Costume – $42

Girls Pink Fuzzy Sweater – 4/5 – $12

1940’s I. Magnin Double Breasted Tan Wool Coat – 7 – $95

102 Piece Set – Natural Reclaimed Wood Building Blocks – $49.99


Little Children

Happy New Year!

Here is a child update!

Grammers is now a great crawler and really enjoys hoisting himself up using the ottoman or edge of the couch to stand up and get a better look around. He has two bottom teeth, a top one beginning to poke through and wakes up at 11pm, 4am, and 6am, demanding boobs. He likes to play with balls (not his own, mind you, though he probably would like that too, given the chance) and enjoys riding in the baby backpack with Daddy.

Virginia has decided to start peeing her pants and not care – we think as a result of getting too distracted by various iDevices- so we have hid the iPads, Kindles, etc. and remind her frequently to try to pee in the toilet. She is enjoying painting, playing her new Busytown card game, and most of all, riding her new scooter.

Her scandalous imaginary friend scenario is also developing rapidly. If you didn’t know, Virginia has a “sister” named G.C. G.C. has a different mother, lives in Queens (or sometimes California or Chicago)and although Virginia and I both attended her 26th birthday party, she is now 100 and is SOOOO BIG!! G.C. also has a dog whose hind quarters are suspended in a wheeled apparatus despite having perfectly functioning legs. She is always throwing parties and threatening to come over.

Virginia also has an on-again, off-again boyfriend named Bonkers. A few months ago, Virginia informed me that Bonkers now goes out with G.C. (as well as herself). I asked if that was okay with her and it totally is. Now- the other night V told us that Bonkers was coming over …”but not his wiiii-iife!” Even Mike had to pipe up for that one as both of us asked “BONKERS IS MARRIED?? Who is his WIFE?” V’s nonchalant response, “Emily!” Ah jeez.

Last night Virginia and I were sitting on her bed when she rolled her eyes and announced that Bonkers is still here (in the house) and WON’T LEAVE!! Well no wonder! He is embroiled in a bizarre love triangle, is always hungry for Ritz crackers and is named because of his proclivity to constantly bonking into things.

My mother once said that she loved that Virginia was “a little weird” and I couldn’t agree more.