Monthly Archives: May 2010

Wood is cool.

The oceans are mashed now, so that leaves trees as the “coolest nature thing.” Below, three examples of wood’s wonder.

Paddle Wheel Boat -$20

It’s non-toxic, eco-friendly, and yes, really works. Twist the wheel several times, and watch as the boat scoots several feet across the water. Whoo! From North Star Toys.

Wooden camera - $23

They also make this awesome camera which I am tempted to get for myself and just wear as a necklace.

Beaver Family - $44

Mike and I watched a documentary about beavers (I believe it was called ‘Beavers’ and it is available on Netflix instant) and they truly are the BEST ANIMAL. They accomplish so much!! Every school’s mascot should be a beaver! Even girls’ schools – damn the consequences!
Anyway, these particular beavers are handmade in Canada (surprise) by Jalu Wood toys.


Fine Little Walls

When I die, can I come back Swedish?

As if all the feminism and blonde hair and social equality weren’t enough, there’s also Fine Little Day, the environmentally conscious design brainchild of the fantastically talented Elisabeth Dunker. (We share a name! I’m that much closer!)

Below are two recent additions to her awesome collection of stuff for sale.

'Ohoy' wallpaper

Mountains wallpaper


Virginia has cast her vote and both of the following have been rejected:

-fake chicken patties
-cottage cheese

My mom gave her a spoonful of the cottage cheese she was eating when Virginia expressed curiousity (usually manifested by an attack on one’s knees and some vocalization in the form of wah-wees or just a general grabbing motion). Upon receiving a bite she made her “oh gawd that was so gross” face followed by a stern look that my mother described as, “ARE YOU KIDDING ME WITH THIS??”

A little weird given how much she likes yogurt but no “not the same!!,” thinks Virginia Grey. “Not the same, one tad!”

More Love!

Butterflyers leggings - $38

Oh you Scandos! How are you so good at knowing what I want?

Like these leggings from Danish kid’s label, Molo. Available at Huset.

So like…

I was kinda hoping she wouldn’t look at me like this until she was at least 14.


peeptoe sandals - $98

Handmade in Sweden, these candy-colored wood and leather sandals are SWEET! Available at Huset.

Were you gonna use those eyes?


Yesterday morning the young nug woke up bright and early to talk with us because she apparently had a lot of her mind. When she noticed Daddy was nodding off during her speech she had to get his attention and did so by scratching his cornea in two places. He’s paying attention now! And so is his opthamologist.