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Is it Spring yet?

Is it wrong that after a night where I enjoyed approximately 3 hours of sleep, I am now at my desk at work (it’s Saturday) completely pumped to blog my face off about baby clothes? Well, then I … don’t want to be right. It’s just a couple days from being March and that is spring right? So here are some awesome things (for girls, mainly) for spring/summer. Capitalism, ahoy!!

First up – Australia’s Little Pinwheel. Man, I love this site. And? Since Australia is all upside down and inside out- their summer stuff is on SALE right now as they prepare for fall/winter. I love that the world is round. Thanks, Eratosthenes!

Frou Frou Party dress -$36

Pebbles full piece by Stella Cove - $56

Eric Tee - $16

Big Stripe Tee by Rittenhouse - $22

Aztec Singlet top - $15.20

You can pair any of the above tanks and tees with cool skinny cords like the ones below:

Dante skinny rocker cords - $79

For cooler days I love this light sweater…

Marcella light sweatshirt - $59

Maybe with these awesome leggings? Just spitballin’ here…

Liquid leggings - $49.95

With the exception of the Studio 54 leggings, I failed to link each individual product — but just search the site!

From New York’s own Pink Chicken, some colorful cotton dresses and ruffly-butt swimsuits too…

Ella dress - $65

Isabelle dress - $45 (sale!)

Nellie dress - $72

Sadie suit - $52

From Ralph Lauren …

Ruffled oxford shirt - $35

Seersucker Jumper Set - $65

Pink? Seersucker? Bunny on the front? Sometimes even my heart of ice can be melted. This outfit totally reminds me of the lower school uniform at Convent of the Sacred Heart – where my mind was formed / partially mangled.* *Totes mean that in a good way. Go Cardinals!

Norah Allover Pony Swimsuit - $40

Uma T-Strap Espadrille - $40

Some luxurious stylings from Milkshop

Mouse print dress by Little Marc Jacobs - $140

close-up of mousiness. Amazing!!

Days ofthe week tee by Atsuyo et Akiko - $34

Skinny jeans by Little Paul & Joe - $48

back-zipper brown boot by Minnetonka - $33

Superga lace ups at Milkshop - $45

Euro craziness at Little Fashion Gallery. I need a drool bib! For myself!

BELLA Knitted necklace - 27.59 €

Yellow Flower headband - 56.02 €

RAYURE Striped scarf by Bobo Choses - 15.05 €

RAVIOLI Striped cotton shorts by Quincy - 60.20 €

DOLOMIETEN hearts and ducks print dress by Quincy - 96.99 €

Fabric flower brooch by Maan - 7.53 €

Lido Ballerina flat at Elias and Grace - £68

Stripey Tiger Shirt by Smafolk - $35

Cirkus Summer Dress at Ittikid - $39

City & Town children's tote bag at Three Potato Four - $32

Phew! How’d I do? Let’s allow these to soak in before I come back for more. (bankruptcy)



Have you checked our YouTube presence recently?

The work is not over

Virginia and daddy

Have I mentioned how much I hate moving? I hate moving. Well, I like the planning part, and the paint colors part and shopping and decorating parts…but am not so keen on the physical labor, stuff everywhere, oh-wait-i-didn’t-notice-how-terrible/non-functional the drain/kitchen cabinets/bathroom lights/towels bars are… dah! It’s like the money pit over here…

Anyway- the worst is over, now we’re just deciding where some bigger stuff should go, unpacking boxes and cleaning, cleaning, cleaning. I got one of those ‘Steam Shark’ things. So far it seems pretty awesome – like all things ordered from infomercials should be. If it can break down the crud on the range top and on top of the kitchen cabinets it will take the gold.

Shark Steam Pocket system pictured with about 1/10th of its included attachments

In baby news: The bug alternates between sleeping the whole night through in her new room and waking up 7+ times a night to destroy her parents sanity. She is teething pretty seriously and currently has a wicked diaper rash, yet remains as jolly as ever. She’s very silly and never stops moving. The nug!!


I have been away from the blog and behind on uploading new nug pictures and videos between both my mac’s failings (not surprising. Hopefully THEE last Apple product I’ll ever cave in and buy) and our imminent move.

Paint colors and rugs have been chosen and I have enlisted an unemployed friend to paint the place when he is not busy with his other commitment: teaching math to the female inmates at Riker’s Island.

Sneak peek?:

Pointing by Farrow & Ball - to be used as the nug's wall color and as trim throughout the apartment

Blackened by Farrow & Ball - to be used as our bedroom wall color

Calamine by Farrow & Ball - to be used in the bathroom, and as an accent color in the nug's room

Pavilion Gray by Farrow & Ball - for the living room walls

Farrow & Ball's Dix Blue -- this is for the foyer/ dining room

Yeah, I guess it’s not a super popular one – I couldn’t find any shots of it in use, but soon I will have some of my own and will post them.

The baby’s rug is being made as we speak (Karastan’s ‘Summer Trellis’ in Buttercream) and will hopefully arrive not too long after we move in this weekend.


We had a good run…

Zut alors! After 18 months of freedom, the menstual noose has once again taken hold- with NO WARNING. TMI? Sorry.

It’s fun working with so many women now who are either new moms, or pregnant because we just talk about our guts, and boobs, and uteruses and birth control and nursing and baby sleep patterns and stuff all day. I’m sure it is driving the male portion of the workforce a bit bonkers but they too have had a good run with their blah blah fantasy football / republican stuff / meat-eating / bathroom humor… so we’re even?

Dianna and Courtney are about to BLOW! Dianna is due in 10 days, Court in 24. Tomorrow is the deadline for guessing when they will actually make it happen. (I guessed little Jane’s arrival pretty accurately and took home about $250!) I have been sniffing around asking if they are doing anything to help the process along so as to fine tune my guesses. I can’t decide if this is cheating or not, but I have been told it’s more like “research.”

In baby news: Virginia is CRUISING! Crawled on Saturday, cruised on Sunday? or Monday? And chatting! She likes to stand up and squawk at the windows or her stuffed animals. She favors words that begin with ‘d’ but also likes to squeak, screech and blow rasberries of various sizes and lengths. She also LOVES being imitated. She truly understands that it is the sincerest form of flattery.

On the move!!!

Jan 30 – 8am – the bulu CRAWLS