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Congratulations Joanie!

Our beloved friend (and treasured nanny to Virginia) Joan tied the knot on Saturday to the wonderful Aaron, in Peggy’s Cove, Nova Scotia. Check out some highlights!

Hiding from Aaron before the ceremony in weather-appropriate druid gear

Joanie makes her way to the lighthouse, followed by Dave and Ali

Joanie's cousins, little sisters and friends made up the bridal party

The rings are on! The wine glass will soon be smashed!


Cutting the cake at the St. Margaret's Bay Royal Canadian Legion

First dance!

View from a pier in Halifax


More vintage kids clothes (in V’s size and up)

Bubblegum Pink Pinafore Dress with Rick Rack Trim (Size 5 or 6) - $12

60s 7/8 Green Pixel Spring DRESS - $34.00

Pink Jumper Skirt (3T-4T) - $6

Little Girls Beach Caftan 4T - $14.00

Little Apron Dress - $14.00

Roses and Gingham Sundress Size 4T- $28.00

garden party floral vintage sheet skirt (choose size) - $16.00

.Yellow spring flower shirt size 4t - $7.00

She knows she does!

With ice cream, no less!

Beach bug

…Speaking of bugs — don’t mention them in front Virginia, as she has recently developed an intense fear of them and starts to freak out if you give her the impression that a bug is in the vicinity.

Oh that baby! This morning she woke up and the first thing she said to me (after “HI”) was “finger. broken.” when what she meant was “my nailpolish is chipped.” Hyperbolic much??

And now, some pictures Joanie took of her at the beach yesterday…

Chippy nails. Just like mama!

I know I do, I know I do, I know I do

I have to get it on video because it’s just not the same when written – but V likes to chant “I know I do, I know I do, I know I doooooo” over and over again while doing a little bend-at-the-waist dance and pointing at herself. I do not know what she knows that she does… but she does.

She is starting to a get a little “two-sie” too. The past few days if you want her to do something and she has other ideas… whoa! Like today Mike wanted to get her out of her night diaper but Virginia wanted to look at her book collection and eat bananas and so many tears were shed. Later, when it was discovered that we forgot her water bottle on the train, she loudly demanded WA-DURR continously despite Mike’s promises that he would buy her a bottle of water upon reaching their destination.

…aaaand she likes her nails polished.

…aaaand I’ve not updated the blog in forever. Sorry.

Paris was fun! We couldn’t have had better weather – it was about 80 and sunny everyday. We walked our butts off and took in Notre Dame (okay- just the outside), the Louvre (okay, just the outside), the Musee D’Orsay, Saint Chapelle, Palais de Tokyo, Centre Pompidou, falafels in the Marais (yuck! Not good! Don’t believe what you’ve heard) the Iunx perfume shop at Hotel Costes, Jardin du Luxembourg, Jardin des Plantes, the Tuileries, the Eiffel Tower at night (no, we didn’t go up), Sacre Coeur, Arc de Triomph, Colette (drool), Laduree, Pain de Sucre, Eric Kayser and a million other little shops, bakeries, fruit markets, cheese shops, oh and Zara.

In the Jardin des Plantes

View from Sacre Coeur / Montmartre

Looking up the Eiffel Tower's skirt

Modern Art Museum / Palais De Tokyo

Outside Notre Dame on Day 1

So there you have it! It’s like you were there, right? You can see the complete set here if you’re interested.