Sure, I have been a mom for about 5 minutes — what do I know? Well, I’m certainly getting a crash course in nipple maintenance and stain removal and below are the items I couldn’t do without.

When I feed the nuggie, I like to keep the following items on hand:

The first few weeks of breastfeeding were really hard. I greatly underestimated the strength of ‘baby suction’ which is less like a “kiss” and more like a “chomp.” If Mike performed similarly, we probably wouldn’t have made it to the baby-making stage – but back to the point – Lansinoh is a really thick lanolin cream that moisturizes and soothes your nips back to sanity when they come out of your baby’s maw looking like a chewed up piece of gum.

Breastfeeding is thirsty work! Almost as soon as Virginia latches on and starts sucking I am overwhelmed by my own thirst. The Camelbak is great because it doesn’t leak even when I toss it on the bed or knock it over with my elbow, I can flip the straw part up with one hand and I love how you pretty much just bite down on the rubbery mouthpiece and water shoots into your mouth. Total ‘lazy man’s hydration.’ Mine was a present from a Googler (Graham Smith. word) but you can buy them at health food and sporting goods stores, or online!
The boppy. I remember that in my early pregnancy I would hear about how great these things were and think ‘Jeez, it’s a weird-shaped pillow, settle down.’ But its not just its wrap-around shape that makes it perfect for plopping a baby down on; its overstuffed to be ultra-sturdy, keeps baby’s head in perfect chowing position, and does double-duty as a baby hangout. Yes, there is big tag on it warning that it never be used for sleep but with a little common sense it’s actually a really comfy nap nest for a supervised baby.

When the nuggie blasts through a diaper or her little umbilical stub sludge gets on her clothes:

Totally amazing. I used to use the non-baby spray version of this stuff but the powder one is even better. I will hand wash particularly nasty things with it in my sink, or else just put a scoopful in when I do laundry regular style.

When the nuggie has a night-fuss:

I bought one of these stability balls after we did the Realbirth classes and our instructor really advocated their use during pregnancy, labor and delivery. It was, in fact, great for all those things but I’m pretty sure Mike digs it even more than me, using it as an ottoman, toy and, most importantly, a baby soother. When Virginia is having unexplained fussiness (not hungry or wet) he cradles her in his arms and then bounces vigorously on the ball. She loves it!

OK! There’s my two cents.


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