My Beasts

In their natural habitat


The Orangutans

The Orangutans

…at the Toronto Zoo

Quick update…

Virginia is completely diaper-free! No more night diapers! Even on vacation and while camping! Littlest big girl! However, she did confess to Grammy after lights-out, “Grammy… I hate to have to tell you this..but, I’m back to eating boogers.” 

Baby Graham is getting some more teeth and says some version of “bye bye” now, while waving. It’s adorability is borderline lethal. 


Kids on Film


Happy Birthday, Virginia Grey!!

My sweet girl is FOUR YEARS OLD today! Where did this little baby go?

Vacay time!

We’re off to Myrtle Beach, y’all!

I dunno. Why not, right?

Now I just need friends and a good place to invite them to…

Jonathan Adler’s collabo with Paperless Post makes me wish I was still 5, because then I would not only still have a house in the Hamptons but tons of equally blonde and perfectly tan friends to play with, and thus could use these awesome invites to bring them all together.

Except – wait- 5 year olds can’t really read and email hadn’t been invented yet. Nevermind! If *you* are lucky enough to have both friends and a place worthy of congregation – then these adorable invites are for you!!