Growing Pains

Speaking of pains… this blog is one! It’s like… Do I want to say stuff out loud at all? Yes. Do I want to say it under my own name? Not necessarily. Does anyone care? Not really. Ho-hum.

Anyway- the kids are rad. Virginia started kindergarten at the brand new school down the street from our apartment — which couldn’t be more convenient, but time will tell if this is actually the best place for her. She seems to be into it now, after an initial week of separation anxiety, nightmares and sleepwalking.


She had taught herself to read over the summer, brainiac that she is so at least that part is sorted. She has a backpack and homework and gym class and field trips. We fed her to the machine!

Things she enjoys: Frozen/singing songs from Frozen/pretending to be Elsa, speaking fake languages (she apparently is fluent in at least 3 “fake” languages, as she has bragged to us. Fake Polish, Fake Spanish, and what she called “Fake British” – which my mom and I questioned her on and she changed to Fake French), cereal without milk, pretending to breast feed, taking showers with me in the morning, snuggling, reading, avocado rolls.


Graham’s vocabulary is going crazy, and with the exception of shouting “F*CK!” when frustrated, we are pleased with his level of communication. He says “please” even when angry (such as shouting “NO THANK YOU PLEASE!” with his arms folded across his chest when told to do something disagreeable) and he copies a lot of Virginia’s expressions and mannerisms – some of which, for better or worse, are in turn copied from me. He loves to play with his Hot Wheels cars and will beg for you to join him in “mine living room” to “play caws” for a “few minutes.” Everything is just for a few minutes, please. It couldn’t be cuter.

He also still loves trains, his Hess truck, being picked up by the legs and dangled, and peanut butter-based snacks. He is in a pretty deep mama-mama-mama phase and has been thumping into our room at night. At first we were being very strict about marching him back to his bed, laying with him for a bit and then attempting to leave. I don’t really have the energy nor the motivation to do this anymore. He is a pretty good bed companion and he will only want to be nuzzled into his mummy’s neck for so long. It would be cruel and short-sighted to reject such sweet and fleeting affection.


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  1. Mrzknsky dsh pryzpnzka (fake Polish for “great post”)…

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