Do you even CARE about your family??

Mike asked me that, referring to the fact that I haven’t blogged in ages. Look! I’m Sheryl Sandberg’ing it out here! But I guess I’ll lean in to this blog for a sec.

Grammers has two more “flanker’ teeth on the top, bringing his total up to 6. He still sucks at eating though. Chokes on pretty much everything, flips plates and throws stuff, doesn’t like hard-boiled eggs (can’t blame him on this- I think they are gross). He is getting better at transferring from piece of furniture to piece of furniture while cruising. His speed is also way up. He likes to unravel the toilet paper and eat it, topple space heaters, touch anything and everything that’s gross or dangerous… general boy behavior I guess. We are re-re-re(?)-sleep training him and it’s going fairly okay. Oh! And I weaned him about 3 weeks ago! Hooray! Next up: His first jean jacket. 

Virginia is enjoying her Saturday gymnastics classes. She is sometimes a little bossy to the other kids (“You’re facing the wrong way!”) but I’m just glad she listens to her teacher and isn’t THE suckiest one in the class. (I’m not a tiger mom – She totally doesn’t have to be the best but she can’t be the suckiest, right???) She has been cracking me up with her various imaginary narratives. She loves to dance to her favorite songs, preferably in front of a mirror but gets shy if she thinks me and daddy are paying too much attention. Her favorite dance jams? Die Antwoord’s ‘Fatty Boom Boom’ and ‘I Fink You Freeky’ and The Asteroids Galaxy Tour’s ‘The Golden Age’ – the singer of which Virginia accuses of sounding like “a drunk baby.” Note to self: Careful what you say around a three year old. 


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