It’s the ho-ho-holiday season!

It just dawned on me – Have you been totally LOST without my gift guide this year?? I have been sooo busy at work I just simply have not created one*- which is not to say I have not been an awesome shopper. Thank you, internet. Thank you, coupon codes. Thank you, Amazon Prime membership – you have paid for yourself a million times over.

We got our tree Tuesday night and had a swell time getting it up (How many adults does it take to figure out a 1970s tree stand? Three.) and lit and decorated. Kim was on hand to photograph us, bring us wonderful handmade gifts and help me drink up all the Amaretto.

Virginia would have rather just played with Kim in her room but once FORCED into participating, had a really great time hanging ornaments and candy canes on the lower half of the tree.

The next morning, she announced over breakfast that “The tree looks really beautiful. You did a really great job with it, mom!” Oh do go on!




*Oh except on Pinterest, my new hangout.


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