Happy Halloween!

Because Virginia is THREE and a GIRL, she naturally wanted to be a “fairy princess” for Halloween. (Who even knew there was a fairy monarchy?) So, although I am a card-carrying JERK most of the time, I shook off my own concerns about gender stereotypes and whatnot and bought her the whitest, fluffiest (but also American homemade and NON-Disney) tutu and wings I could find.

Trying it on immediately…

When I first presented her with it she gasped and asked “You ….bought this for me?” Yes. “It’s so BEE-YOO-TEE-ful!” Then she tried it on and hugged the mirror.

Waving her magic wand…

Trick or Treating on Queens Blvd

And here was our completely homemade Snoopy…

It’s amazing what a pair of american apparel tights, a cut-out turtleneck and some black eyeliner will do!

Now go VOTE!


One response to “Happy Halloween!

  1. I vote for the Mann-Wallaces as cutest family on the planet..!!

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