Her 15 minutes…

I have some serious catching up to do, y’all!

So, about a month ago my mom told me that one of her Today Show producer pals was looking for some families to be part of a Halloween costume segment. I told her to send me the details. Long story short, they booked us on the show and after many conversations with several members of the production staff about sizes, clothing preferences, car seat specifications, what and who to bring and when – we found ourselves in the green room at the SNL Studios, taking turns cuddling Graham, watching Virginia get her hair curled, pageant-girl style, and getting outfitted in blue garb while wardrobe assistants pinned foam fish to our bodies.

Virginia started out pretty excited – especially when she saw the patent leather sparkly flats she’d get to wear with her jellyfish costume. But that excitement quickly turned to crankiness when our backstage time stretched into its third hour and we were told to stand here, stand there, come over here, line up, walk across the street, be quiet, etc… There was no breakfast spread and a hungry toddler is a terrible toddler so there was this…

then a close-up of this…

and finally, this:

All while Kathie Lee and Hoda were like this:


And then… the front page of the Today show website?

Watch the clip here.


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