Chilling with people who died

As we enter into the “Halloween season” I thought I’d mention that Virginia is pretty curious about death. She’s not quite a goth? But she asks a lot of questions about how and why people die.

The words ‘dead’ and ‘died’ sometimes prove confusing for Virginia. Like last night we were reading this book called ‘Jazz on a Saturday Night’

and in the back of the book it has short biographies of the musicians referenced therein; Charlie Parker, Ella Fitzgerald, Miles Davis, Max Roach, etc. Most of the musicians are dead. She was pointing to each picture asking, “Is he… died? Mmmm, why they died??”

I informed her that Stanley Clarke and Max Roach* were still alive at which point she suggest we count how many jazz musicians were dead. Then she discovered that the book came with a CD in the back and excitedly ran out into the living room with the disk carefully cupped in both hands, to show daddy. “DADDY! THIS IS JAZZ!!”

Anyway, getting back to the dead (but never to The ‘Dead), here are some pictures the daddyman sent me today of their adventures.

She has also been quoted as saying “A cemetary is like a garbage for dead people.” Burn!

*Max Roach died in 2007


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