Fall and stuff

Fall is here – I can tell because everyone on earth is coughing, sneezing, and eager to get me fat with the apple cider donuts they bring to work “you know… for fun!”

Truthfully, our family all has colds as a result of Virginia now attending preschool 2 days a week. So there’s a germ monsoon, and in addition, she still refuses to wear anything long-sleeved, or shirts, or skirts, or tights, or pants. The “coziest” she’ll get is wearing a summer dress with a sweater over it and her socks pulled up to mid-calf. Last night I insisted she wear proper pajamas (long sleeved top with leggings style) and she was SO UPSET about this that she asked if she could wear a summer dress OVER her jammies.

(Just tried for 30 minutes to attach picture of this here and whadda-ya-know, my blackberry is a POS, incapable of shepherding a photo from one place to the next. Use your imagination!)

In other news, the Grammers is now 5 months old! He tried his first bites of baby oatmeal the other night (very messy) and has been holding in a poo for over 24 hours. Silly baby.


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