May the odds be ever in your favor!

Last night, after I spent the previous night up at 2:35, 3:22, 4:20 (420, y’all), 5:35, 6:44, we decided to begin thee royal sleep training!

For those of you that don’t need heaps of detail: It went pretty well!

For those of you that do, it went like this:

1. Baby Graham put down in bassinet at 9:30pm (we had moved co-sleeper out into the living room)

2. Baby wakes at 4:33 and cries for a solid 10 minutes. Mike realizes the bassinet is actually adjacent to our neighbor’s bedroom wall, feels bad, moves co-sleeper into Virginia’s room (Virginia already in our bed- HER sleep training will begin next week!)

3. Baby falls back to sleep and has a few crying spurts in the 5am hour.

4. Baby wakes and cries for about 5 minutes at 6:22 – I am tempted to go to him but resist, since the goal is not “sleep until 6:22” – the goal is “sleep until 7am”

5. Baby wakes at 7:30am, I immediately retrieve him and nurse him. He has not soaked through his onesie! (Most likely because he was not snacking all night!) He is relaxed and snuggly and immediately falls back to sleep after breakfast, sleeps for another 2 hours.

Dr. Cohen swears that after 2-3 more days of similar treatment, our baby will simply sleep a solid 10-12 hours. I’ll keep you posted!

In other news, I dropped off the 24 pages of paperwork and three checks for the nursery school that V will attend 2 mornings a week beginning in October. Daddy took her over for a little tour the other day and she LOVED it, so there you have it.

Next up: Starting the Graham on some solids! Parsnips were a Virginia favorite so I think I’ll try them for Mr. Baby as well. He seems like the type of guy that will just eat anything.


One response to “May the odds be ever in your favor!

  1. I am tossing out the RICE cereal I bought for Graham. Evidently, rice is to be avoided in infants (and adults)…because of the arsenic! What next…??

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