Change o’ the seasons

I’m ready for fall, y’all! Man, September is one of the best months; I love how even the sunlight tries out a new look, managing to sear your eyes at the perfect angle, no matter the time, with its hazy orange glow.

That’s all I got on seasons. Sorry.

Anyway. Here are 2 Virginia quotes from tonight:

(Whilst floating on her stomach in the bath) “I’m like spaghetti with a butt!”

(After her bath, playing with a mouse puppet) “Do you want to play ‘Mouse eating a dirty grape’? (Yes. I did. I don’t want to spoil it, but the mouse ate a dirty grape)

Today was the first day the kids were with their new ‘Monday babysitter’ and I was so super nervous! Everything was fine but Graham had a bad crying / coughing spell in the morning and Virginia refused to have quiet time in the afternoon and demanded multiple Blue’s Clues and Wonder Pets. Now both children are conked out in our bedroom (I bathed one of them! Hooray!) and I have snuck out to eat a can of chickpeas before crawling back in with them. I will most likely be asleep by 10pm. I’m kind of a doodle when Mike’s away?


One response to “Change o’ the seasons

  1. i am full-on doodle when jordan is away. normal “band widow” behavior for me= i order an absurd amount of chinese on the first night and then eat it for every meal for the next whatever amount of days. gross.

    tell virginia that i think she is HILARIOUS. virginia quotes make me bust. a. gut.

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