Sleepers & Creepers

I would definitely classify Graham as an “easy” baby but he is not one of those legendary sleepers you hear some parents brag of. He does not lay down at 8pm and rouse happily at 7am. He power nurses at around 9, and if I can detach him at 9:30 and put him down on his belly (he sleeps longer that way) I am good until about 2am (sometimes as late as 5:30am, sometimes as early as 1am) when he wakes, I take him out of his co-sleeper to nurse and we fall asleep facing each other until about 5:30 or 6am, nurse again, and then he may or may not sleep for another hour or so. My pediatrician would likely tell me this is because I have been unwilling to SLEEP TRAIN.

Well, it’s true. I am unwilling to sleep train.

I *know* it probably doesn’t permanently damage their little minds and hearts to have their cries go unanswered for three nights straight but it most like will permanently damage mine, so there you have it. Does anyone out there have experience with the ‘No-Cry Sleep Solution’? Anyone?

In toddler news, Virginia occasionally likes to pull the covers up over her head during story time. What is she doing under there? If you ask her, she’ll tell you! She’s eating boogers. Her Grammy and I have told her this is gross and Grammy has even gone so far as to tell her she will be the WEIRD KID at school if she keeps it up but V just laughs and laughs…

“Virginia! Why are you eating your boogers?!?!”


“Because why?!!”

“Because.. they taste delicious!”

Aye yai yai!!

Virginia in the arms of our beloved friend Kim

The last time Kim was over she was hugging V on her lap and asked if Virginia would marry her. “Nooo!,” Virginia squealed.
“Why not?”
“Be-cuzzz! I’m only little!!”

Virginia also got two new books today (the result of a local nursery school renovating and getting rid of lots of stuff) and loves them both.

The delightfully low-budget tale of two blue crabs “getting in love” and looking after each other

and …

Since this book features both intense rhyming AND talking inanimate objects, it’s like it was custom-made for my daughter

In marital news, Mike and I celebrated our 6th anniversary by dining at Rubirosa and staying at the Hotel on Rivington. We were on the top floor so the views were beyond awesome as were the Frette sheets which we got to sleep on til a SCANDALOUS 8:30am. I would have loved to sleep longer but my body-clock is just not really equipped for it, and frankly, neither are my balloon boobs. Thankfully, I had my pump (having learned a painful lesson from anniversary ’09 where I was completely deformed from not nursing for 12+ hours) and used it twice during our stay.

This weekend represents the end of my maternity leave – the summer has flown/crawled by, y’all! It’s amazing the difference an extra kid makes. I think (hope?) Mike is really excited to be taking over for me beginning Friday, and we are interviewing some candidates to watch the kids one day a week so that he can still work 3 days. We’re also considering enrolling V in some sort of local preschool program a couple mornings a week so she has some kid-on-kid time and gets used to taking direction, and Mike can spend some time with Graham, solo.

I’m so eager for the fall chapter to begin, and not just because of the amazing clothing and accessory opportunities it creates.


One response to “Sleepers & Creepers

  1. V. will be known as “Cootie”..!!

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