Between WordPress’ terr’ble app for Blackberry and the fairly useless app for the original iPad as well as counter-intuitive web redesign, I’m just never super stoked to do entries. Oh that and having 2 small kids that always need something…

We got back from Toronto last week after having a very fun but fairly exhausting time of family and friend visitation. The children’s grandparents thoroughly enjoyed meeting Graham for the first time and seeing how much Virginia has matured. Oh and the playgrounds there! I really love them all – with their chlorinated, lifeguarded wading pools, vast expanses of healthy grass, and inventive, well-maintained play equipment. The only thing that really marred the park experience was the abundance of yellow jackets who seem to be enjoying their power-trip month a bit early up in Canada. Mike also dislikes how much SAND there is. When it comes to playground floor treatments, they definitely snub the foam-y playmat up there.

The flights were great (Go Porter!) and the apartment we rented was adequate but made us realize that those soulless condo loft things are just NOT family-friendly. No drawer pulls? For real?

In baby update news, the Grammers can now reach for and sometimes grab objects! I like to dangle this Vulli vanilla-scented teething ring in front of him and then kinda help him get his fingers around it and watch him wave it around. He also really enjoys yelling at a mini-sized Ugly doll at my mom’s house. Oh, he will just yell at it for hours! He enjoys being assisted into a grown-up sitting position wherein you hold his hands and face him and ask him about his day. And while he still enjoys having his chin tickled, he doesn’t much enjoy having it lifted so as to allow for the removal of neck cheese.

Sandra and the Grammerman

Virginia is very tan and very bad about taking naps. Her new favorite show is Richard Scarry’s Busytown Mysteries – which sounds better than it is – but is a welcome change from a previous and short-lived obsession with the odious Strawberry Shortcake (trust me, children of the ’80s – this is not our Strawberry). I am so proud of how very sweet she is to Graham and just melt when she coos to him.

She did bite his hand the other day but she was playing shark and I had just allowed her to bite me several times. Graham didn’t really seem to mind but I reminded her that she is never, ever to hurt him.

Today we were at our fave local playground and when another 3yr old girl was denying the existence of both invisibility and magic, Virginia shrugged and said, “Well… you never know! You just…you never know.” I told the girl that she really COULDN’T say that no one is invisible – I mean, that’s what invisible people want us to believe, right? Ugh. Her parents hate my guts right now.

Virginia also really enjoys Pop Chips and never wearing pants.

Oh and here’s a picture of Mike from about 5 years ago. Our 6th anniversary is coming up August 26th!

And this was how neat and tidy stuff could be before Crayola took over…


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