These photos were taken by my friend, the beautiful and talented Angie McCaffrey , when I visited her a week or so ago.

Angie recently gave birth to her own delicious creature, Miles, at that fancypants hospital in Hackensack with the good food and the non-asleep nurses and stuff.

Look at that little dude! I am beyond happy for Angie who had almost thought motherhood had thumbed its nose in her direction. But now he’s here! Miracles can and do happen. Sorry to be all Velveeta, y’all.

Tomorrow we go to the pediatrician to check on Graham’s astounding growth progress and get another shot or two. Virginia is having a sleepover at Grammy’s, while Mike and myself are retiring to bed with Grammers. We are trying to get him familiar with bottle-feeding, and he is apparently trying to get us familiar with the sounds of baby torture. Tonight, after he finally took the bottle, burped, and fell asleep I ordered the following from Amazon, in hopes that we’ll have more success with them.

Comotomo Natural Feel Baby Bottle

and this …


One response to “Grammerman

  1. Just now saw this! (Thanks for the love!) curious to know about the bottles- miles used to take but has since called bullshit and I’m losing my mind. Any favs btwn the two?

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