Stuff I’ll want to remember (or forget)

Blogging has really gotten the short end of the stick this time around and I know I’ll feel bad about it later.

The Grammers is a huge baby who can smile and “talk” now and loves to kick out his little legs forcefully one at a time or stomp them together for added emphasis. He is very good at his baby tricks which include ‘thunder butt’, ‘thunderbutt returns’ and the ‘double burp’ (wherein he produces a hearty and dry burp that gets you to say “Ohhhh good boy-eee! Good bay-beee! That must feel better, huh? Gooo goo goo goo?” and then when you’ve stopped paying attention he shoots a little curdled yogurt on to your shoulder.) I’ve gotten wise to this one so it never works on me anymore.

I’ve also noticed that I have like… insane BO? I know it’s a summer heat wave and it’s really humid but I think it must have something to do with the super-charged hormones of nursing. And yes, I get around to showering every now and then and do use deodorant. Still!

Graham sleeping in the double-stroller I bought on craigslist for $25

We went to the pediatrician on July 9th and he weighed over 15lbs! For those of you without infants at home, that is enormous. 101% to be exact. I think that means that no where on earth, besides traveling freak shows, will you find a baby that is more huge. Way to grow, Graham!

Virginia is a tall drink of water too – clocking in at 96% for height.

So, this medical practice, despite their groovy 60s wallpaper in the bathroom, is not as hippy crunchy as our last ped (who I loved!!!) and they are very pro sleep-training and beginning it as early as 2 months. Basically the instructions work like this, “At bedtime, 1. nurse your baby, 2. Put your baby into his crib to go to sleep, 3. Come back at 7am.” What? I can’t even imagine how many bouts of 20min+ crying/wailing/terrible suffocating sounds would occur during that time period. The results are enticing, they promise that after 4 days your baby will sleep 10-12 hours STRAIGHT every night. Currently Graham might give me a 6.5 hour stretch but not always. I just … well I don’t want to overestimate my ability to let my baby scream and feel just awful even if the results are good and he won’t remember it (they swear.) I figure the passage of time will be its own sleep training, you know?


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  1. Love that little chunky-monkey..!!!!

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