Please please please

I have a little over 24 hours to go into labor before I am cut-off from delivering in the Roosevelt Birthing Center, where I gave birth to Virginia. I can’t explain just how crushingly sad I am about this. It is absolutely so so so unfair that a healthy person with a healthy placenta can’t have the birth experience she desires because of medical malpractice fears. 7 days past my estimated (ESTIMATED!!) due date and I have to get treated like someone with kidney failure or head trauma? I do not WANT to be in a hospital. Hospitals are where people have operations or die. I do not have positive associations with hospitals.

So please, if you are a religious person, would you say a little prayer for me? And if you’re a non-religious person, would you please summon your most rational thoughts and direct them towards my cervix?


One response to “Please please please

  1. Hey cervix: “Boo”..!! That oughtta do it.

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