I finally got around to uploading some pictures from my recent wonderful potluck baby shower orchestrated by Joanie…

Deirdre came by before work to drop off this amazing painted cake that she made.

V wanted to open a present pretty much immediately

Nikki and V check out the 'I'm a Big Sister' book

Surprise musical guest, Graham Smith, was Sandra’s brainchild. He also made an excellent “token dude.”

Apparently the ladies hid him in the kitchen for an hour while keeping me out. Like, I kinda wondered why everyone seemed so eager to serve me and keep me out of there, and why it kinda smelled like weed but I thought maybe the surprise was some weed brownies? Which again, seemed a little weird since it was a baby shower and my mom was there? But it was just Graham, blazing and staring at Deirdre’s cake.

A close-up of Deirdre's cake

Drawing of our family by Sandra / double chins by repeated macaroni and cheese feasts

Nikki, Helena, Abigail, Lila and Katie (and me and child and other child)

Everyone was informed about my Pinterest board ‘I’d Eat That / I’d drink that’ and encouraged to prepare something from it. The food was off the chainz! The friends were equally chainless and hopefully we all had a great time? I sure did! Thank you Joanie and all my culinary pals – and of course my mom for taking care of V when she got tired of being at a grown-up party…


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