Legendary Stink

A million years ago, my mom, in her capacity as an amazing publicist, represented interior design and luxury living maven, Charlotte Moss. Charlotte’s a fantastic designer and one of my idols when it comes to worshiping the hilariously indulgent and overpriced. I remember her townhouse/shoppe offered these tiny hinged walnuts …for $95. Decadent! (And out-of-business, I might add)

That hair! Those baubles! PURE DIXIE!

Anyhoo, appreciate or despise the lady, she dreamt up one hell of a transcendent scent, lo those many years ago. I first encountered Virginia in candle form and even at age 10 or 12 or whatever knew that it perfectly expressed this dreamy, languid, feminine, “ice softly clinking in glasses on a candle-lit wrap-around porch” thing that I imagined must go on in in the South. It’s a romantic white floral with just a touch of racism!

I jest!

But seriously folks, it’s one of my favorite scents of all times and while I swear I did not name my daughter after a candle, I’m proud that such a majestic stink bears her name.

It doesn’t appear to be available in candle form anymore but I was able to find a room diffuser that might to worth picking up – despite its extremely Charlotte-like price tag of $110.


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