Said I wasn’t gonna do it…

…and here I am doin’ it! Bloggin about my cervix. 

So I had a midwife appointment yesterday and even though I said about an hour earlier (on the phone with my mom) that I am not into internal exams, when Melanie asked if I wanted to get checked out I said “sure.”

I’m 2cm dilated (Go on. Picture it!) but the baby’s head is still way high up so basically this kid ain’t coming for the next 48 hours. 

We talked about things I could do to help get the party started (use your imagination, you animals) and things THEY could do to *really* get the party started if it came to that – like breaking my water. I am really not into people messing with me – literally and figuratively – and I’d always feel like my son had a fake birthday, so I will avoid such an eventuality at all costs (although I would definitely do it before I would consider alternatives like a pitocin-based induction or a c-section, natch).

I cleaned the bathtub with gusto last night and will continue to take the stairs and never the elevator (‘cept at work – 42nd floor, y’all), eat spicy food, have unprotected sex (still sounds dirty, doesn’t it!), drink raspberry leaf tea, use evening primrose oil, and pray (secularly) that I don’t go so far past my due date that I no longer qualify for the birth center. I’m not REALLY worried about that. I mean- that is TWELVE whole days away. 

One response to “Said I wasn’t gonna do it…

  1. appleoftheearth

    Second time around and you are a super pro! Can’t wait to see photos of the new Mann-Wallace. Maybe not the placenta picture this time? Or give us a warning, will ya? 😉

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