Send in the Fairies

Here’s something I’ve learned about little girls – no matter how much you shield them from Disney, princesses, and an overabundance of pink, they will gender reinforce themselves with NO HELP FROM YOU!

The best you can hope for is they choose something semi-neutral and flexible like fairies. That way you can take it in this direction…

Instead of *this* direction…

Can’t even get into how much this one makes me want to hurl.

Anyway. Virginia mentioned a few weeks ago that she wanted a “chocolate cake” for her birthday and also a “fairy cake.” As I love to bake, and love a challenge, I am all over spending 2 months envisioning the ideal chocolate fairy cake and have turned to Pinterest for insight into what’s out there in the world of fairy cakes to see how I can improve upon the theme.

Here are some examples of what people consider “fairy cakes”

Sure, go ahead and throw a transgendered fairy on there, it's 2012, right?

I guess this one is more "woodland" themed - but I love the icing color...

The way I envision it, I kinda want the top of the cake to suggest this…

If the cake ends up with a functioning water feature, so be it.

But enough about the cake. Here are some little doodads to flesh out the fairy theme…

flower fairies party invitations & thank you notes (set of 8 each) $20 at Chasing Fireflies

flower fairies party garland $10

flower fairies party centerpiece $24

5 sheets of pixie wrapping paper on Etsy $8

And for the big gift? Well Virginia has been asking for a dollhouse and while I naturally want to take it to the limit with a 1:24 scale Victorian masterpiece that I would painstakingly paint and wallpaper and carpet and furnish (oh wait- did I say “I”? I mean…) I recently found this less hysterical, more child-friendly and economical option.

Enchantmints Fairy forest Lodge $61.98

Look how relaxed this fairy is! Who could not enjoy playing with this stuff?

So there you have it – my initial ideations of Fairypalooza 2012. More to come I’m sure…


One response to “Send in the Fairies

  1. make the roses into mushrooms on this cake and it’s basically gender neutral!

    also…andies has amazing embellishments that would suit a woodland fairy or gnome inspired cake!

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