A successful outing…

In the past month since we received the invitation, Virginia has gone from being so excited for her friend Leo’s birthday party she thought it was occurring every single day “So….we’re going to the party now?” to deciding that she “doesn’t like parties” and “doesn’t like anything” and “doesn’t want to go anywhere ever.”

Yesterday, however, the actual day of the actual party, Virginia started out luke warm on the whole party scenario. “Well, I don’t want to go to a party right now.” Okay, well, maybe a little later on then? 

She managed to agree to being dressed in a dress she had never warn before “Virginia! This dress came all the way from FRANCE! By way of CHINA!” and it had flower-shaped buttons so that was a big draw. She even picked out her own (non-insane) shoes, and off we went! 

The birthday party was a major success with no tears, no complaints, 2 mess-free Capri Suns (seriously, who designed these things that are basically engineered to spill all over everything instantly?) and CAKE. While eating said cake, V leaned into my ear and said “This is the best. party. ever.”

Not to be outdone, I have to now put on my thinking cap re: V’s 3rd birthday – the most crucial question being “What seat filling firm or modelling agency has the most attractive rates for ‘gregarious kid rental’?” since we do not know more than one real live child. 



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