I’ve got a noisy little problem

So, about a month or 2 ago I realized I was really enjoying the end of my beverages more than the beginnings and that was due to all the ice that was left over and my ability to chomp on it. Then I vaguely recalled that I had felt this way while pregnant with Virginia too- that I craved ice. This time around, the desire- nay, the absolute NEED, to crunch on ice is astounding and has increased considerably over the past month. Curious, I looked it up, and yeah, it’s considered pica- the same ailment that causes people to eat their couch cushions or dirt or clay and what have you. Apparently it’s not uncommon for pregnant women to experience it in some form, to some degree- so I’m glad my compulsion is restricted to an actual ingestible.

Here is some of my ice-related behavior:

  • At work, I try to confine my ice-breaking to once a day so that people who sit within earshot don’t want to completely MURDER ME.
  • Recently begged Mike to let me stop at a 7-11 on the way to a fancy birthday dinner for a friend so that I could get a Big Gulp cup full of ice. I then had to pre-empt my usual gracious introductory banter by nervously explaining why I had shown up to their house with both champagne and a Big Gulp.
  • Made Mike take advantage of the free refill when we went to see The Hunger Games so that I could have ice for the cab ride home.
  • Rank ice quality in my mind repeatedly from best to worst.
  • It goes like this: Built-in/ home ice-maker. You know, the kind that makes the cubes that look like this:
    Sooo good.

    Stand-alone SubZero ice maker (we have three of these at my office. That works out to 1 ice machine per 12 employees) I fill a glass with as many cubes as will fit then add some hot filtered water to it to shrink the cubes down. Then I add a sprinkle of Crystal Light powder so that the ice has a bit of flavor as a I shovel it in.

    My house. I fill the trays only half-way so that each piece is manageable chomping size. Another thing I like to do is freeze coconut water.

    Starbucks. It’s not that great (overly hard) but it’s readily available.

    7-11. Their ice is so… TEXTUR-Y!- I don’t really dig it unless it’s been sitting around for a while- so they are on this list for “quantity over quality” reasons.

    Sooo like…. what’s new with you?


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